Your Gateway to International Accreditation in Education Featured on Savanna News

Apr 12, 2024

QAHE (International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education), a leading accrediting agency dedicated to promoting excellence in education, is proud to announce its feature on Savanna News, a reputable news platform. The article titled "Introducing QAHE: Your Gateway to International Accreditation in Education" highlights QAHE's commitment to enhancing the reputation of educational institutions globally and providing renowned accreditation services.

The article on Savanna News emphasizes QAHE's mission to promote excellence in education and its focus on various areas of accreditation, including international accreditation, academic accreditation, institutional accreditation, school accreditation, and course accreditation. By joining the QAHE network, educational institutions gain access to a diverse community of over 200 accredited members from around the world, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of best practices.

QAHE stands out among accrediting agencies due to its extensive recognition on both national and international levels. As an independent and non-governmental accrediting agency, QAHE holds certifications for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20000:2018, ISO 17011:2017, ISO/IEC 17040:2005, and ISO 27001:2013. These certifications reflect QAHE's commitment to maintaining rigorous quality standards in the accreditation process.

The article also highlights QAHE's notable recognitions and accreditations from esteemed organizations and agencies worldwide. These include the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research in the Republic of Moldova, the Directorate for Research, Planning, and Funding Accreditation in North Macedonia, and the All Pakistan Private Schools' Federation (APPSF) in Pakistan, among others. QAHE's recognitions extend to various countries, including India, Kyrgyz Republic, Indonesia, Nigeria, Syria, and Russia, further validating its dedication to maintaining high-quality standards and fostering excellence in education.

With over 40 strategic allies worldwide, QAHE offers unparalleled opportunities for institutions seeking to enhance their reputation and global reach. By partnering with QAHE, institutions can access a wide range of resources, collaborations, and networking opportunities with like-minded educational organizations, driving growth, innovation, and continuous improvement in educational practices.

The featured article on Savanna News concludes by highlighting the benefits of QAHE accreditation for institutions. Undergoing QAHE accreditation enables institutions to enhance their credibility, gain international recognition, attract students and faculty from diverse backgrounds, and strengthen their position in the ever-evolving global education landscape. QAHE's accreditation process is designed to assess and validate institutions' commitment to quality education, ensuring they meet and exceed international standards.

QAHE is honored to be featured on Savanna News, and this recognition further solidifies its position as a trusted and reputable accrediting agency in the field of education.