Why university provides online verification services?

Jan 17, 2023

Universities usually provide a service that would help to verify academic information for their students. Employers, agencies or former students would love to have this service as this could help to prove the qualifications and eligibility of an applicant for a job, program and the like. Traditionally, there are various means that students’ academic records and documents can be verified, including posting, electronic mailing and in person. Nowadays, with the advancement of information technology as well as e-management system, more and more universities are providing academic verification services online. There are several reasons leading to such a development and provision of online verification services:

  1. Growth of distance learning
In recent years, an ever increasing number of students choose to take courses online because of flexibility and accessibility. Many such students are actually taking courses overseas. Universities thus provide online verification services as it would be more feasible and convenient for these students.
  1. Better management of e-database
Most organizations nowadays have developed e-database because of the advantages of easier adding, sorting and searching of information. Universities, with tons of information to store and manage, such as enrollment, payment of school fees, students’ course completion and examination results, must benefit from the development of e-database. With the e-database, online verification is simple.
  1. Reduction of administrative cost
Online verification with the use a developed electronic system could reduce manpower and time to handle the whole procedure.
  1. Establishment of trust and reputation
With online verification, universities can manage the accuracy of the academic information of their universities as well as prevent falsification of academic qualification and documents more easily. This can help to establish trust and reputation of the universities.