What is credential evaluation?

Nov 22, 2022

You should have heard of credential evaluation when you want to apply for an academic programme or apply for a job in a foreign country. Credentials refer to academic, educational or professional qualifications that you have completed (or partially completed). Since tertiary education systems all over the world have different admission requirements as well as different criteria for granting credit for course completion, credential evaluation is necessary for higher education institutions and employers to understand whether a foreign applicant is suitable for admission or employment. Credential evaluation is a way in which your academic documents such as transcript and certificate are examined so that your academic, occupational and professional degrees earned in one education system could be compared to those in another system. This allows immigrants and international students to prove their eligibility to join the workforce or universities in another country. There are generally three types of credential evaluations:

  1. Course by course
The course by course credential evaluation is most common for application of university programmes, credit transfer as well as professional licensure. Information needed for such an evaluation includes a list of all the courses completed as well as the coursework involved, grades and credits earned for each course, as well as equivalency of the degree and overall academic performance in terms of the education system in the country that you are targeting.
  1. Document by document
The document by document credential evaluation is generally needed for immigration, employment and university admission without the need of credit transfer. This type of report contains a list and descriptions of the institutions attended and credentials obtained.
  1. Professional work experience
The professional work experience credential evaluation report contains the details of education, training programmes as well as work experience. This is typical required for purposes of immigration and professional employment or licensure. Whether you need such a credential evaluation in future, it is always good to obtain more credentials at present. You can email to enquiry@qahe.org for further details.