We are pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Khairul Nizam bin Zainal Badri has been awarded with the Honorary Doctorate Degree

Aug 11, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Khairul Nizam bin Zainal Badri has been awarded with the Honorary Doctorate Degree and Distinguished Professorship Award in Educational Development jointly issued by QAHE and American University of Business and Social Sciences. “Focus and development efforts have always been given to the field of education from the beginning of involvement in the field starting in 1998 until today. There are five areas that are the focus in the development of education, namely psychology, history, information technology, management and human capital development. Developments in the area of psychology involve research on the comparison of thought and ideology related to the development of human potential. Among the studies conducted are on the contributions of important figures in the Malay world related to the development of human potential. Also included in the study is a study of old books that describe methods or techniques to develop human potential. In the area of history, the focus of research is given to the study of Malay-Islamic civilization and its impact and relevance to the development of Malay-Islamic intellectuals today. The next area of concern is information technology. This part is very important because it not only supports education but also empowers it. State-of-the-art technologies such as blockchain have always been on the radar of research and have already been translated into writing for periodicals at the domestic level. The management part is at the heart of the life of an institution where continuous research needs to be done all the time. Research focus has been given to selected management methods. The last part is the development of human capital to be the output or yardstick to the success of an institution. The research focus in the section is on development models that have been applied by leading institutions particularly in the Southeast Asian region. In short, the experience of direct education from pre-school to tertiary education has sparked many inspirations that have been translated into writing that covers various formats such as bulletins, journals, periodicals, magazines and books; both domestically and abroad.” Khairul Nizam bin Zainal Badri, PhD 1998 - 2007 - Involved in the field of higher education teaching either full time or part time. Has been involved in the preparation of modules (reference text) and question papers for examinations for pre[1]diploma, diploma and degree levels. 2008 - Present Established the Al-Mansoorah Integrated Learning Centre which offers pre-school to secondary education and daily tahfiz. To develop a curriculum based on the development of potential and human capital where the focus is on the introduction and appreciation of the Quran and Hadith. Provides Ma'abad modules for pre-school and primary levels or anyone who has difficulty reading and remembering numbers by combining psychomotor, affective and cognitive domains simultaneously. Establish a private library for the Al-Mansoorah Integrated Learning Centre which serves as a place of reference and research. Research has been done from the aspects of;

  1. the excavation of educational practices such as pedagogy and learning methods that have been practiced in the Islamic education system during the era of Islamic civilization reached its peak of glory.
  2. an understanding of true philosophy that encompasses the dimensions and domains of science
  3. appreciation and nurturing of manners in teaching and learning with the aim of understanding in understanding the realities of life and the real purpose of education.
  4. Emphasis on the historiography of Islamic civilization with the aim of increasing motivation among students to develop their potential
  5. Introduction to core knowledge by placing monotheism as the basis of life where the most important appreciation in life is by creating love for God and His Messenger which then leads to a sense of responsibility and doing good to fellow creatures and nature.