We are glad to announce that Dr. Christopher Oyat has been awarded Distinguised Professorship in Management and Training

Jun 20, 2022

We are glad to announce that Dr. Christopher Oyat has been awarded Distinguised Professorship in Management and Training. Distinguished Professor Sir, Dr. Christopher Oyat (Management and Training) is a Ugandan academic and professional who has climbed the ladder systematically and commendably well. He holds a Bachelor degree in Social Sciences from Makerere University (Kampala); a Master of Arts degree in Development Studies from Uganda Martyrs University; a Doctor of Letters Degree (Business Organization with a specialization in Community Organizations) from St Clements University; a PhD in Management from The Business University of Costa Rica; a Doctor of Science degree in Management and Business Research (Ad Eundem) from Ballsbridge University; a PhD in Development Studies from Prowess University (USA); and a Honorary PhD in Management from IIC University of Technology (Cambodia). He has successfully supervised researches of over 140 undergraduate students to completion at Gulu University; successfully supervised 48 Master Degree students’ postgraduate researches to completion in Uganda; has successfully supervised / reviewed / examined 4 (four) thesis of PhD students to completion; and successfully evaluated two candidates for promotion to full Professorships. Distinguished Professor Sir, Dr. Christopher Oyat is a renowned Consultant in Uganda who has executed over 15 Consultancies, with the main focus on Civil Society Organizations. He has attended international conferences; and has been Guest Speaker to many schools and colleges of learning in Uganda by providing career guidance to students so that they are empowered to make informed choices in the selection studies in university education. He is a PhD Reviewer at Ballsbridge University. He is an approved internal and external examiner for postgraduate research reports. Distinguished University Professor Sir, Dr. Christopher is the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Arts Management and Professionals in Nigeria – www.ijamps.com refers; in October 2021, he received the Institute of Arts Management and Professional Studies’ (IAMPS) Leadership Gold Award for Professional Excellence for his Achievements in Research and Quality Learning Management System – www.iamps.edu.ng refers; a Honorable Global Advisory Council Member at Global Academy of Finance and Management (USA); a Board Member at International Chartered World Learned Society (USA);  Board Member at The Chartered World Order of the Knights of Justice of Peace (USA); a     Fellow of Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (FCIEA –UK) which operates under a Royal Charter approved by Her Majesty the Queen of UK; a Fellow Chartered Educator (FCE – India) and Co-opted Member with Education Board for Accreditation – an intergovernmental organization operating under intergovernmental Government Charter; Fellow of Chartered Institute of Arts Professionals (FCIAP - USA) with the following verification code: 1896 for the main purpose of authentication; a Fellow of Board of Quality Standards (FBQS hon.) in the Commonwealth of Dominica; a Chartered Knight (MNDKOA - USA); a Life Companion at Institute of Management Specialists (Comp IMS – UK); Life Doctoral Fellow at European Institute for Financial Directors: (DFEIFD – Accredited by Ministry of Education in Latvia); Life Doctoral Fellow at Institute of Professional Financial Managers (DFPFM – UK); Certified Education Manager and Certified Non - Governmental Organization Manager by Institute of Management Specialists – UK; and a Country Director of International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, with the main duty in helping the institution in matters of accreditation and its promotion. Distinguished Prof Sir, Dr. Christopher Oyat is an approved Professor recognized by the following institutions of Higher Learning: a recognized Professor of Management by The Business University of Costa Rica; recognized Distinguished Professor of Management and Business Research by Ballsbridge University; a recognized Professor of Management at Sastra Angkor Institute (Cambodia); a recognized Professor of Management by the University of Hertfordshire (UK); a recognized Professor of Management by St Clements University; a recognized Professor of Development Studies by Prowess University (USA); and a Senior Lecturer at Gulu University in Uganda. He has successfully published 46 research works in professional and academic journals; and has received 22 Certificates of Excellent Teaching and Commitment to his academic and professional duties from students of Gulu University. Distinguished Prof Sir, Dr. Christopher Oyat has lectured at Gulu University since 2003 with no interruption. He is a person who strongly believes in academic and professional resilience and commitment in service delivery. He is an outstanding deliverer / performer in various assignments given to him to execute; a reliable and dependable Distinguished Professor when called for service; a committed academic and professional Guru; a strong supporter of learner-centered approach - based on the principles enunciated by UNESCO and UN ECOSOC. Distinguished Prof Sir, Dr. Christopher believes that learning that individuals have got from various sources throughout their life should be impartially assessed, recognized, validated and accredited (formal, informal and non-formal learning).