Arab International Academy has been accredited by QAHE

Jul 27, 2023

We are pleased to announce that your Arab International Academy has been accredited by QAHE. Congratulations! The Arab International Academy has met all the accreditation requirements, and we are confident that it will maintain high standards of academic excellence in the field of distance education. The Arab International Academy is the first Arab platform concerned with distance education, especially higher or university education. More than 50,000 students of different nationalities have benefited from the free courses offered by the platform, and more than 160 partial study grants have been provided. The Academy platform seeks to provide contemporary educational services that keep pace with development in the field of education in general. The Academy is officially registered in the United States of America under No. 7775147 and in Lebanon under No. 5007053. The Academy offers free and paid educational courses via the internet through open-source educational materials. The platform's goal is to secure education for all without exception, and it offers courses and majors that are available to anyone who has the desire to learn and study. The Academy's courses and majors are available in Arabic and English and are offered entirely online, allowing students to register at any time during the academic year without being restricted to fixed traditional classes or specific registration dates. The Arab International Academy offers specialist diploma, Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degrees, and students can complete their studies within the Academy's partnerships with Near East University (Turkish Higher Education Accreditation) and ATHE Foundation (British accreditation). The academic degrees obtained are duly certified, and therefore, graduates can apply for work, whether in the private sector or elsewhere. The Arab International Academy has an official website that serves as the primary portal linking students to the Academy. The website provides access to free courses, and paid programs can be accessed by choosing the course that suits the student. The Academy provides technical support through email, WhatsApp and Telegram. Students encountering technical problems can use these channels to communicate and solve their problems.