Terraskills Learning Systems Limited Renews QAHE Accreditation for Professional Training in Abuja

Oct 16, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Terraskills Learning Systems Limited has successfully renewed its accreditation with the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE). This accreditation reaffirms Terraskills' dedication to providing exceptional professional training in Abuja, Nigeria, with a focus on skills development, ICT and digital economy, and lifelong learning systems.

Terraskills Learning Systems Limited is an innovative tech company that specializes in skills development, lifelong learning systems, ICT and digital economy, training, research, and consulting. With over 17 years of operation since its establishment in 2004, Terraskills has trained over 5,000 individuals, entrepreneurs, and professionals in both the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy.

The institution's commitment to excellence and empowering learners is evident in its Tracers Study research, conducted over 10 years. The study assessed the impact of Terraskills' training programs on successful learners and revealed that over 85% of them are gainfully employed. The positive commendations received from their employers and colleagues further validate the institution's effectiveness in equipping individuals with the necessary skills for career success.

Terraskills Learning Systems Limited offers a range of products and services designed to meet the needs of various target groups. These include the Graduate Employability Skills (GES) program, Workplace Innovation and Skills Enhancement for Productivity (WISE-P), Digital Literacy Skills (DLS), Terraskills Career Advancement Program (T-CAP), Innovation Hub, and mentorship and counseling services for young talents, undergraduates, graduates, workers, retirees, entrepreneurs, knowledge seekers, experts, professionals, and practitioners in both the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy.

By renewing its accreditation with QAHE, Terraskills Learning Systems Limited demonstrates its commitment to maintaining the highest standards in professional training and skills development. The QAHE accreditation recognizes the institution's adherence to rigorous quality assurance processes, ensuring that learners receive education and training of the highest caliber.

Terraskills Learning Systems Limited continues to make a significant impact in Abuja and beyond by equipping individuals, employees, and organizations with the skills necessary to overcome their most urgent challenges. Through its innovative approach and expertise in skills development, ICT and digital economy, and lifelong learning systems, Terraskills remains at the forefront of providing cutting-edge training solutions.