Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS) Accredited by QAHE for Excellence in Education

Feb 08, 2024

QAHE is pleased to announce the accreditation of the Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS), a prominent private higher education institution based in Zug, Switzerland. This accreditation is a testament to SIMS' commitment to providing high-quality education and its alignment with the rigorous standards set by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE).

Established in accordance with Swiss law, SIMS offers specialized programs in Management, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and other fields. The institution is dedicated to providing students with a stimulating, inspiring, multicultural, and sustainable learning environment that prepares them for the challenges of the global economy.

Located in a modern building in Zug, Switzerland, SIMS offers an ideal setting for students to study in optimal conditions. The institution takes pride in its historical continuity with Switzerland and Europe's outstanding university background, reflecting its commitment to upholding academic excellence.

SIMS has established partnerships with both public and private universities, as well as UNESCO, enabling academic exchanges such as research, seminars, and professor and student exchanges. These collaborations enrich the educational experience at SIMS and provide students with valuable international perspectives and connections to real-world business practices.

At SIMS, education goes beyond teaching state-of-the-art theory. The institution actively engages students in various international experiences and connects them to different business practices, fostering a stimulating and practical learning environment. Through this approach, students acquire new ways of thinking and problem-solving skills, empowering them and their organizations to thrive in the competitive global landscape.

QAHE's accreditation of SIMS recognizes the institution's commitment to educational excellence and its contribution to preparing students for successful careers. SIMS joins a distinguished group of educational institutions accredited by QAHE, symbolizing its dedication to meeting and exceeding international standards.