Renewal of QAHE Accreditation for the European Academy of Education

Dec 07, 2023

We are pleased to announce that the European Academy of Education (Evropská akademie vzdělávání SE) has successfully renewed its accreditation with the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE). This accreditation reaffirms the European Academy of Education's commitment to providing high-quality education and meeting internationally recognized standards. The European Academy of Education is dedicated to offering a wide range of online educational programs that enable individuals to enhance their work skills and obtain higher qualifications. Whether you are seeking apprenticeships, secondary education, university degrees, or postgraduate studies, the academy provides flexible and accessible learning opportunities from anywhere in the world. The institution offers "professional qualifications" at managerial or highly professional levels in various fields, including Sales Management, Information and Communication Technology Coordination, Real Estate Agency, Lecturing or Continuing Education Management, Career Advisory for Education and Careers, Knowledge Base Administration, Systems Operations Management for small and medium organizations, Network Administration for small and medium organizations, Wireless Service Technician, and more. Who can benefit from studying at the European Academy of Education? The academy welcomes individuals at various educational levels and aims to support them in completing or advancing their education. Whether you have completed primary school, high school, or hold a college degree, the academy provides pathways for further education, professional knowledge, and career advancement. The European Academy of Education offers different study programs to cater to diverse needs: Full Professional Qualifications: For individuals with basic education seeking apprenticeships or high school diplomas. Professional Qualification: Designed for those who wish to acquire qualifications in specific fields to enhance their career prospects. Professional Study: Ideal for high school graduates aiming to obtain a well-paid job through a university degree. Postgraduate Study: Tailored for individuals with a university degree who aspire to pursue a professional doctorate (DBA or Ph.D.) and continue their education. The European Academy of Education maintains prestigious accreditations and memberships that reflect the quality of its educational programs and institution. These include accreditations from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic. Additionally, the academy is a member of the Czech National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs, the European Association for Distance Learning, and the Association of Adult Education Institutions of the Czech Republic. QAHE congratulates the European Academy of Education on the successful renewal of its accreditation. This achievement demonstrates the institution's dedication to maintaining high standards and providing valuable educational opportunities for individuals seeking to enhance their skills and succeed in their careers.