QAHE Recognizes Council of Higher Education in Idlib, Syria

Jan 16, 2024

We are pleased to announce that the Council of Higher Education in Idlib, Syria, has been officially recognized by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE). This recognition comes as a significant achievement in the face of challenging circumstances, including housing, transportation, tuition fees, and the recognition of certificates abroad. The recognition from QAHE demonstrates the Council's commitment to upholding international standards of quality education and signifies its dedication to enhancing educational opportunities in the region.

The Recognition:
On March 16, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG) released an official statement, sharing the recognition certificate granted to the Higher Education Council in Idlib by QAHE, a registered association based in the United States. This recognition follows a memorandum of understanding signed on March 2 between QAHE and the Higher Education Council in northern Syria, aimed at mutual recognition and strategic cooperation to promote international accreditation.

The partnership and cooperation protocol, valid for three years, include the following key areas: Exchange of expertise in quality assurance, institutional and programmatic accreditation, and distance education programs.

Collaborative evaluation of educational programs and implementation of performance improvement measures. Enhancing academic performance, promoting common development standards, and ensuring the quality of higher education institutions and educational outputs.

Sharing administrative expertise based on the ISO standard for higher education institutions.
The Council of Higher Education has received a recognition certificate from QAHE, valid for five years, from March 2023 to March 2028.

The Role of QAHE:
QAHE is an independent, private, and international organization that funds its operations through fees charged for accreditation services provided to Higher Education Institutions, Certification Bodies, E-Learning Management System Providers, and Training Organizations. QAHE's accreditation status signifies an institution's commitment to delivering quality education that aligns with international standards, thereby enhancing the institution's reputation and attracting more students.

Student Perspectives: Students from various disciplines and faculties at Idlib University expressed their optimism about the recognition's potential impact. They believe that the recognition will open doors to future academic and professional opportunities, such as pursuing postgraduate studies, engaging in scientific research, and gaining recognition for their degrees outside Syria. The recognition also instills hope for improved job prospects and external acceptance of degrees from northern Syrian universities.

Efforts for International Recognition:
The Council of Higher Education in Idlib has been proactive in seeking international accreditations and partnerships to enhance the quality of education. The recognition by QAHE is a testament to the Council's dedication to meeting international standards and fostering partnerships for the benefit of students and educational cadres. The Council continues to explore opportunities for expanding its recognition and accreditation partnerships, particularly with European organizations.

The recognition of the Council of Higher Education in Idlib by QAHE is a significant milestone that validates the Council's commitment to providing quality education in northern Syria. This recognition enhances the professional credit of the Council and its affiliated universities, while also benefiting students in terms of academic growth, international acceptance, and future career prospects. The Council remains committed to promoting educational excellence, strengthening partnerships, and pursuing further accreditations to ensure the highest quality of education for students in the region.

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