QAHE Proudly Featured on Ghanaian Times for Remarkable Achievements in Higher Education

Apr 21, 2024

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE) is thrilled to announce its prominent feature on the esteemed news platform, Ghanaian Times. The article titled "Remarkable Achievements in Higher Education Recognized by International Association" showcases QAHE's commitment to excellence and highlights its significant contributions to the field of education.

The article on Ghanaian Times celebrates QAHE's recognition of various educational institutions worldwide for their remarkable achievements in delivering high-quality education and upholding global standards. It serves as a testament to QAHE's dedication to fostering educational excellence and its role in promoting quality assurance in higher education.

The feature highlights the recent institutional accreditations and honors bestowed by QAHE. These recognitions elevate the reputation of the educational establishments and affirm their commitment to providing exceptional education and training. The article showcases how QAHE's recognition serves as a catalyst for enhancing the overall quality of education in Ghana and inspiring other institutions to strive for excellence.

One of the notable institutions featured in the article is Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch (IAU-SRB). The recognition received by IAU-SRB underscores its commitment to providing quality education across various disciplines, solidifying its position as a leading educational institution in the Middle East.

The article also emphasizes QAHE's collaboration with the Accreditation Council for Education, Indonesia. This partnership aims to foster mutual acknowledgment of accreditation processes and standards, promoting educational excellence and creating opportunities for academic collaboration and student exchanges between QAHE and Indonesian educational institutions.

Furthermore, the article highlights the dedication of the Council of Higher Education in Idlib, Syria, in promoting quality education despite challenging circumstances in the region. QAHE's recognition of the council's efforts emphasizes the value of providing valuable educational opportunities and maintaining high standards in the face of adversity.

The feature also acknowledges QAHE's recognition of the National Institute of Plantation Management and Toutele Agriculture College South Africa (TACSA) for their excellence in education and training. These institutions' commitment to delivering quality education aligns with QAHE's standards, solidifying their positions as leading educational institutions in their respective fields.

QAHE is honored to be featured on Ghanaian Times, and this recognition further reinforces its commitment to fostering excellence in higher education globally. By celebrating remarkable achievements and promoting educational quality, QAHE continues to contribute to the growth and development of the education sector.