QAHE Launches Specialized Accreditation and Certification Services for eLearning Solution Providers: Gains Global Recognition

Sep 18, 2023

In a significant development for the eLearning industry, the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) has unveiled its highly anticipated accreditation service designed specifically for eLearning solution providers. This announcement comes alongside the news of QAHE's global recognition as a leading accrediting agency.

As an ISO 17011:2017 certified independent accreditor, QAHE has established a well-deserved reputation for its commitment to upholding excellence in education and training. By launching their accreditation service, QAHE aims to set and promote global standards of quality and effectiveness within the eLearning sector.

Through a meticulous evaluation process, QAHE's accreditation service will assess eLearning solution providers against rigorous quality benchmarks. These benchmarks encompass instructional design, content delivery, interactivity, learner engagement, assessment methodologies, and compliance with quality assurance frameworks. Accreditation by QAHE will serve as a mark of distinction, indicating that an eLearning solution provider has met or exceeded these established standards.

What sets QAHE apart is its global recognition and partnerships. Accredited eLearning solution providers will gain international visibility and credibility, paving the way for potential collaborations and partnerships with other accredited institutions and organizations in the global eLearning community. This expansive network will further enhance the provider's reputation and offer opportunities for growth and expansion into international markets.

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) has achieved remarkable national and international recognitions, solidifying its position as a leading independent and non-governmental accrediting agency. With its ISO 17011:2017 certification, QAHE has garnered accolades from prestigious institutions around the world. Among the notable recognitions received by QAHE is accreditation from the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research (ANACEC) in the Republic of Moldova. This recognition highlights QAHE's commitment to ensuring quality education and research within the Moldovan educational landscape. QAHE has also gained recognition from the Directorate for Research, Planning, and Funding Accreditation in North Macedonia. This acknowledgment underscores QAHE's contribution to the advancement of higher education and research in North Macedonia. The Council on International Higher Education Supervision (CONIES) in Austria has also bestowed its recognition upon QAHE. This recognition attests to QAHE's adherence to international standards and best practices in higher education supervision. QAHE's commitment to excellence has earned it accreditation from the Public Foundation Independent Accreditation Agency "BILIM-STANDARD" and the Independent Accreditation Agency "Elbaasy" in the Kyrgyz Republic. These recognitions demonstrate QAHE's dedication to ensuring quality education and accreditation processes within the Kyrgyz Republic. Furthermore, QAHE has received accreditation from the Higher Education Council of Syria, EdNet of the Kyrgyz Republic, Technology and Human Association (TEKINDER) in Turkey, International Association for Biblical Education, OSHAssociation in the UK, Independent Perception and Research Hub (IPRH), and numerous other esteemed organizations worldwide. These recognitions underscore QAHE's global reach and its commitment to promoting excellence in education across diverse regions and sectors. By earning these national and international recognitions, QAHE establishes its credibility as a trusted accrediting agency. Educational institutions and stakeholders can rely on QAHE's rigorous evaluation processes and adherence to international quality assurance standards. QAHE's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality assurance in education and its ability to foster collaboration with institutions worldwide have positioned it as a prominent force in the field of accreditation.

QAHE's accreditation service for eLearning solution providers arrives at a time when the demand for high-quality online learning experiences is soaring. With over 150 institutions already accredited by QAHE, their launch of this service represents a significant milestone in the organization's dedication to driving the global standard of higher education. By partnering with more than 40 strategic allies worldwide, QAHE offers a unique opportunity for eLearning solution providers to enhance their credibility and reputation while gaining access to a global network of like-minded institutions.

E-learning solution providers interested in obtaining QAHE accreditation can now apply through the official website. The accreditation process will involve a comprehensive evaluation of the provider's capabilities, learning content quality, flexibility of courses offered, learner compatibility, quality of service, stability, faculty/content creator qualifications, and other relevant criteria.

ISO Certification Options:

QAHE recognizes the importance of ISO certifications in the e-learning industry.

- ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 36 Information technology for learning, education, and training certification which emphasizes a provider's compliance with international standards for technology-enabled learning solutions. It showcases the provider's commitment to delivering high-quality, technology-driven educational experiences.
- ISO/IEC 40180:2017 IT for Learning, Education, and Training: ISO/IEC 40180 provides the fundamentals and the reference framework for quality assurance, quality management and quality improvement in IT-enhanced learning, education and training (called E-Learning).

With QAHE's accreditation service and global recognition, eLearning solution providers can establish their credibility, gain a competitive edge, and contribute to the evolution of the eLearning industry by delivering exceptional online learning experiences.
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