QAHE has reached an MOU with International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA)

Mar 17, 2023

We are delighted to announce that QAHE has reached an MOU with International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA) by extension International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators Corporation (IARSAC) for reciprocal recognition. IARSA is a superior scientific and scholarly association that it’s characterized by certain commitments in diversified areas of study. The Association demarcates a particular space in the landscape of research across the world by repositioning scholars and research administrators to increase their achievements and take them beyond the obvious. As such, our scholarship shapes the next generation of researchers, it addresses societal concerns and it informs a broad swath of communities outside of academia. Since inception of the association, IARSA has been working to cultivate academic freedom under a spirit of self-reliance and self-respect and opening up new horizons in creative scholarly endeavor. The association has also attracted outstanding faculty and members from universities, colleges, institutions and corporate organizations in the 4 continents of the world. The Association has continued to pursue the “Three I's”, which in recent years have become common concern of prestigious research association around the world: Interdisciplinary research, Internationalization and Innovation. IARSA is growing into a world-class research organization and now is boldly innovating its system to become a global leader in academic and global research. For many years, the Association has proved commitment to integrity and continuous learning, strengthening research capacity for sustainable development and creates an internationally-accepted standard of knowledge, education, research and experience by which our members are recognized as Certified Research Professionals (CRP) in the research community. The CRP is a distinctive indicator of dedication to the research practice. CRP highlights awareness of the highest ethics and standards, a commitment to remaining abreast of new techniques and technologies, and is an objective measure of knowledge and proficiency. Regardless of age or career stage, IARSA-CRP indicates that our members are actively engaged in today's innovative research, encourage high standards within the profession to raise competency, establish an objective measure of an individual's knowledge and proficiency and to encourage continued professional development. IARSA is counted on as the most credible intellectual resource where our members stay relevant with knowledge, training and tools to enhance lifelong learning and obtain valuable information and connections throughout the world. The Association was incorporated as an association in Nigeria (No. 90173) and Delaware, United States (No. 202105269).