QAHE Featured on Blueprint News, Nigeria for Dr. Adeola Eseyin's Appointment as Honorary Quality Assurance Auditor

Apr 22, 2024

QAHE, the esteemed International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education, garnered the spotlight on Blueprint News, a leading Nigerian publication. The feature highlighted the recent appointment of Dr. Adeola Eseyin, President of the Pan African Leadership and Management Institute, as the Honorary Quality Assurance Auditor of QAHE.

Blueprint News, renowned for its comprehensive coverage of national and international affairs, recognized the significance of Dr. Eseyin's appointment and showcased his exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to educational standards. The article shed light on the profound expertise and dedication Dr. Eseyin brings to the field of education quality assurance.

QAHE expressed its gratitude to Blueprint News for providing a platform to share the remarkable achievements and contributions of Dr. Eseyin and the association itself. The feature further solidified QAHE's standing as a renowned institution committed to fostering excellence in education globally.

Dr. Eseyin's appointment as the Honorary Quality Assurance Auditor of QAHE signifies his respected authority in the field. It exemplifies his wealth of experience, expertise, and innovative thinking, which will undoubtedly advance the standards of quality assurance in pre-tertiary and higher education institutions worldwide.