QAHE Announces Sandro Serpa as Recipient of Excellence in Education Award (2024-2025)

Jun 20, 2024

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is proud to announce that Professor Sandro Serpa of the University of the Azores has been selected as the recipient of the 2024-2025 Excellence in Education Award.

Professor Serpa is an esteemed scholar and educator who has made significant contributions to the field of sociology, particularly in the areas of sociology of education, sociology of organizations, and digital society. As an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the University of the Azores, he has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service.

With a PhD in Education focused on the Sociology of Education, Professor Serpa has an impressive academic background that includes a Master's in Sociology, a post-graduate degree in Sociology of Religions, and a Bachelor's in Sociology. He has served in various leadership roles at the university, including as Head of the Sociology Department, Member of the Board of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, and former Director of the Bachelor's in Social Work program.

Professor Serpa's research record is equally impressive, with over 340 publications spanning articles, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings. He is an integrated researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences of the Azores (CICS.NOVA.UAçores) and a member of the Executive Council of the Portuguese Association of Professionals in Industrial, Organizations and Work Sociology (APSIOT). His research interests cover a wide range of topics, including teaching sociology, sociology of education, sociology of organizations, organizational culture, scientific communication, digital society, digital literacy, Society 5.0, and the sociology of artificial intelligence.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of education, QAHE is proud to present the Excellence in Education Award (2024-2025) to Professor Sandro Serpa. This prestigious award celebrates his dedication to advancing knowledge, inspiring students, and promoting excellence in pre-tertiary and higher education.

QAHE congratulates Professor Serpa on this well-deserved recognition and looks forward to his continued contributions to the field of education.