QAHE and AUBSS Featured on Namaste UI: Collaborating to Enhance Quality Education in Business and Social Sciences

Apr 22, 2024

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE) and the American University of Business and Social Sciences (AUBSS) have been prominently featured on the esteemed platform Namaste UI, highlighting their collaborative efforts to enhance quality education in the fields of business and social sciences. This recognition underscores the importance of their partnership in fostering academic excellence and providing exceptional educational opportunities to students globally.

Namaste UI, a leading technology blog, has showcased the collaboration between QAHE and AUBSS, which aims to promote and deliver high-quality online programs, as well as to provide industry-recognized qualifications to students seeking career success in business and social sciences.

QAHE, a renowned independent accreditation agency, has recognized AUBSS for its unwavering commitment to upholding rigorous academic standards and ensuring the quality of its programs. AUBSS's comprehensive range of online Certificate and Diploma programs equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and qualifications to excel in their professional endeavors. The accreditation from QAHE further validates AUBSS's dedication to delivering superior educational experiences.

Through this collaboration, QAHE and AUBSS are working together to empower individuals to achieve their professional goals and succeed in their careers. By leveraging QAHE's expertise in quality assurance and AUBSS's innovative online programs, students are provided with a supportive environment to acquire specialized skills that are highly sought after in today's dynamic job market.

AUBSS has gained recognition for its exceptional contributions to education through the conferral of Honorary Doctorate degrees, which serve as a testament to the remarkable achievements of individuals who have made significant contributions to their fields and society at large. The collaboration with QAHE further strengthens AUBSS's commitment to recognizing outstanding accomplishments and inspiring current and future students.

"We are delighted to be featured on Namaste UI and to collaborate with QAHE in our shared mission of providing quality education in business and social sciences," said Vice Chancellor at AUBSS. "This recognition highlights our dedication to delivering accredited online programs that empower students worldwide to succeed in their careers."

The collaboration between QAHE and AUBSS, as featured on Namaste UI, aims to create a global network of educational institutions, organizations, and professionals who are committed to delivering excellence in business and social sciences education. By sharing best practices, collaborating on program development, and leveraging accreditation and reputation, this alliance seeks to elevate the standard of education and meet the evolving needs of students and industries.

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About QAHE:
The International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE) is a respected independent accreditation agency dedicated to ensuring quality education worldwide. With a focus on rigorous standards and best practices, QAHE promotes excellence in higher education institutions and programs.

About AUBSS:
The American University of Business and Social Sciences (AUBSS) is a leading institution offering accredited online programs in business and social sciences. AUBSS is committed to empowering individuals with the knowledge and qualifications necessary for career success through flexible and high-quality education.

About Namaste UI:
Namaste UI is a prominent technology blog that covers a wide range of topics, including blogging, business, digital marketing, social media, web design and development, and more. It is known for featuring industry-leading organizations and highlighting their achievements and contributions.