QAHE and AUBSS Award Honorary Doctorate Degree in Management to Yovonda Holmes-Shepherd

Aug 16, 2023

QAHE and the American University of Business and Social Sciences (AUBSS) proudly announce that Yovonda Holmes-Shepherd has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Management for her outstanding contributions to education and her exemplary service in the United States military.

Yovonda Holmes-Shepherd is an experienced and highly effective educator who has dedicated the past decade to teaching and creating innovative education programs for low-income schools. As Director of Education, she has played a vital role in ensuring the quality of educational components and compliance with all state, local, and contractual requirements. Her responsibilities include reviewing lesson plans, monitoring student progress, supervising special activities, and participating in professional development events to maintain certifications and licenses.

In addition to her educational endeavors, Yovonda is an enlisted soldier in the United States military, serving as a Human Resource Specialist. Her role involves document preparation, drafting requests, and overseeing official documentation for fellow military personnel. Her commitment to serving her country during the challenging times of the COVID crisis is truly commendable.

Yovonda's academic achievements are equally remarkable. She graduated Cum Laude from South Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. She holds a Master of Science in Higher Education with a concentration in Teaching and Learning, and she is currently completing doctoral courses in Management with a focus on Human Resource Management. Yovonda is scheduled to graduate in December 2023 with a Master of Science in Organization Leadership, specializing in Organizational Development within the field of education. Furthermore, she is certified to teach Mathematics in the 5th through 9th grades in the state of Florida.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Yovonda is an inspiring mentor. She dedicates her time to tutoring and coaching a dance team for troubled youth, providing them with an expressive outlet and helping them find their voice through dance. By motivating and encouraging her team members, she empowers them to use their talents to positively impact others facing similar challenges.

The Honorary Doctorate Degree in Management awarded to Yovonda Holmes-Shepherd by QAHE and AUBSS acknowledges her exceptional achievements, dedication, and remarkable service in the fields of education and the military. This prestigious recognition highlights her tireless efforts to make a difference in the lives of students, communities, and her fellow soldiers.

"Yovonda Holmes-Shepherd's commitment to excellence in education and her commendable military service have set a shining example for others to follow," stated spokesperson for QAHE. "We are honored to bestow upon her this honorary degree, recognizing her outstanding contributions and the positive impact she has had on countless lives."

QAHE and AUBSS congratulate Yovonda Holmes-Shepherd for her Honorary Doctorate Degree in Management, applauding her achievements and recognizing her as an inspiration to aspiring educators and military personnel alike.