QAHE Accredits ESG & Sustainable Finance Program for Two Years

Apr 29, 2024

International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is pleased to announce the accreditation of the ESG & Sustainable Finance Program offered by the CSR ESG Institute. The program has received accreditation for a duration of two years, recognizing its outstanding quality and adherence to rigorous educational standards in the field of sustainable finance.

Led by renowned Founder and President, Professor Wayne Dunn, the ESG & Sustainable Finance Program equips participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of sustainability and finance. The program offers a one-week intensive in-person session, immersing participants in hands-on learning experiences, thought-provoking lectures, industry expert interactions, and real-world case studies.

QAHE's accreditation of the program signifies its recognition of the program's excellence in curriculum design, program structure, and the integration of theory and practice. Participants will gain a 360-degree understanding of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), sustainability, and finance, enabling them to effectively address strategic and operational challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the field.

The accreditation by QAHE serves as a testament to the program's adherence to industry standards, relevance to current market trends, and commitment to providing participants with practical tools and insights that can be immediately applied in their professional endeavors.