QAHE Accredited Institutions with AQS ISO Certifications Now Listed on the QAHE Website

May 03, 2023

We are pleased to announce that QAHE accredited institutions with AQS ISO certifications are now listed on our website at This is a significant development for all institutions seeking to promote their commitment to quality education and training. The QAHE is committed to promoting and maintaining the highest standards of accreditation for education and training institutions worldwide. We understand that institutions with AQS ISO certifications have demonstrated their commitment to quality education and training, and we are proud to recognize and support these efforts. ISO certifications are internationally recognized standards that provide a framework for quality management systems. Educational and training institutions can apply for the following ISO certifications: - ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems - ISO 21001:2018 Educational organizations management systems - ISO 29990:2010 Learning services for non-formal education and training - ISO 29993:2017 Learning services outside formal education - Service requirements On our website, interested institutions can find a list of all QAHE accredited institutions with AQS ISO certifications. We encourage all interested institutions to contact us at (in English only) for additional details on how to become ISO certified with AQS, UK (the certifications will be co-branded with QAHE). At QAHE, we are dedicated to providing excellent service to all our accredited institutions. We believe that by providing accreditation to institutions with AQS ISO certifications, we are helping to promote high-quality education and training around the world. We are proud of our achievements, and we look forward to working with all interested institutions to promote quality education and training. For more information, please contact: QAHE Accreditation Committee Email: (in English only) Website: