QAHE Accreditation Awarded to Bible College of Solid Rock International of Ministries, USA

Jan 15, 2024

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE) is pleased to announce that the Bible College of Solid Rock International of Ministries has achieved full accreditation from QAHE. This accreditation recognizes the college's commitment to providing high-quality faith-based education and ministerial training to students.

The Solid Rock International School of Ministries, Inc., a non-profit organization, offers an apprentice program that aims to teach biblical concepts and empower individuals to identify their calling in one of the five office ministry gifts and the nine spiritual gifts. The courses are thoughtfully designed to assist students in discovering their purpose and fulfilling their destinies within the universal Body of Christ, enabling them to serve God's purpose on Earth.

The college's comprehensive curriculum includes specialized coursework, a Capstone Project, and a Master Thesis, all of which equip students with vital leadership skills to confidently pursue their callings or support a leader's vision. The Solid Rock International School of Ministries, Inc., is dedicated to training, developing, and equipping individuals for effective ministry through a strategic instructional curriculum rooted in biblical principles.

Upon successful completion of the 36-week program, consisting of six sessions and a total of 60-credit hours, students will be awarded certification in one of the following areas: Apostolic Instructional Leadership, Prophetic Instructional Leadership, Evangelistic Instructional Leadership, Pastoral Instructional Leadership, Biblical Education Instructional Leadership, or Church Administration. The college also offers online classes, providing flexibility for self-directed learners.

The accreditation granted by QAHE validates the Bible College of Solid Rock International of Ministries' commitment to delivering excellence in faith-based education and ministerial training. It signifies that the college meets and exceeds international standards of quality assurance, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and valuable educational experience.

QAHE is proud to welcome the Bible College of Solid Rock International of Ministries into its network of accredited institutions. Through this partnership, QAHE continues to champion the advancement of quality education and the fostering of capable leaders within the global faith-based community.