Programs offered by Canadian College of Excellence

The following programs offered by the Canadian College of Excellence have undergone rigorous evaluation by QAHE and have been accredited:

1. Advanced Diploma in Cybersecurity Program
2. Advanced Diploma in Global Business and Leadership
3. Advanced Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership
4. Advanced Diploma in Pharmacy
5. Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business
6. Diploma in Business Analytics Program
7. Diploma in Database Administration Program
8. Diploma in Healthcare Aide
9. Diploma in Medical Office Assistant Program
10. Diploma in Mobile Application Development Program
11. Diploma in Network Administration Program
12. Diploma in Social Media and Digital Marketing Program
13. Diploma in Software Development Program

QAHE's accreditation process ensures that these programs meet strict standards in education, curriculum design, faculty qualifications, student support services, and overall program effectiveness.

Please note that the accreditation status of programs may be subject to periodic review and renewal to ensure ongoing compliance with QAHE's standards of quality assurance.