Professor Mohammed Tareque Aziz

Dr. Mohammed Tareque Aziz is an esteemed academician, international retail management consultant, and Honorary QA Auditor. With a Ph.D. in Retail Marketing from UUM (University Utara Malaysia), he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his various roles and responsibilities.

Throughout his career, Dr. Aziz has made significant contributions to the field of service sector development, branding, and service quality enhancement. He has served as a professor and dean in prestigious institutions such as Green Business School (GBS) at Green University Bangladesh (GUB), the Department of Business Administration (DBA) at the University of Asia Pacific (UAP), and the College of Business Administration (CBA) at the International University of Business Agriculture & Technology (IUBAT).

Dr. Aziz's expertise extends beyond academia. He has also worked as a senior management professional in leading retail companies in South Asia, including WESTECS Ltd., AARONG (a retail project of BRAC), MGH Group, and BRAC Bank Ltd. This practical experience has provided him with valuable insights into the corporate world and has enhanced his ability to provide effective business consultation.

As an Honorary QA Auditor appointed by the Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE), Dr. Aziz plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and standards of higher education institutions. His extensive academic and professional background, coupled with his attention to detail and resourcefulness, make him well-equipped to evaluate and enhance the quality assurance processes and practices in the education sector.

Dr. Aziz's contributions to the academic community extend beyond his teaching and consulting roles. He serves as an academic reviewer for various international peer-reviewed journals, including the European Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, and Journal of Global Marketing. His research interests include relationship marketing, brand management, consumer behavior, small and medium enterprise development, and retailing.

With his excellent communication and interpersonal skills, Dr. Aziz is highly regarded as a corporate trainer and has conducted numerous successful corporate seminars, symposiums, workshops, and training sessions. He has also presented papers and attended conferences and seminars in various countries, further enriching his global perspective.

Overall, Dr. Mohammed Tareque Aziz is a distinguished professional who combines academic excellence, practical industry experience, and a commitment to quality assurance in higher education. His multidimensional expertise and passion for driving growth and improvement make him a valuable asset to the academic and business communities alike.