Mhlabuhlangene School of African Medicine is now fully accredited by QAHE

Jul 04, 2022

We are glad to announce that Mhlabuhlangene School of African Medicine is now fully accredited by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE). MHLABUHLANGENE School of African Medicine Programs which are highly flexible and are geared towards equipping and empowering African Health Practitioners who will change the world. This Organization was formed in September 1996 By DR S.W Bhembe as the President, DR V.D Mazibuko the Chairperson, DR S. Kunene the Treasure, Dr M. Dubazane, all the above members are late. DR S.C Shabalala General Secretary. DR Shabalala studied African Medicine at Madupe Institute in Mabopane and archived Diploma in 1993, in 2008 he archived Diploma in Theology at I.S.T.P. In 2014 he archived a Master's Degree in Theology & Religious Studies. In 2010 DR Shabalala applied for accreditation at I.S.T.P where he was studying Theology, Accreditation was approved by board of I.S.T.P under the leadership of Chief Prof. Cardinal W.P Matlotlo the Chancellor 48 Institutions. In 2016 he archieved a Doctorate Degree in Divinity. Prof. S.C Shabalala was studying a Doctorate Degree at I.S.TT.P until 2016, In December he graduated. All Africa Cultural Organisation honored him with professorship in African Medicine,  He also appointed As a Professor at I.S.T.P. In 2018 he was appointed as Dean Faculty Of Theology and Religious Studies since then his title change to Professor S.C Shabalala.