Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro

Honorary Country Representative, Indonesia, QAHE


Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse range of expertise and extensive experience in various fields. As a Strategic Business Consultant, Master Trainer, Executive Coach, Fully Accredited Master Mentor, HR Business Partner, Researchers & Organizational Culture Consultant, he has made significant contributions to the areas of human resources, organizational culture, and leadership.

Education: • S.Psi (Bachelor Degree of Psychology)
• M.M (Master of Management in Human Capital Management)
• M.B.A (Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management & Organizational Behavior)
• M.Q.M (Master of Quality Management)
• PG. Dipl. HRM (Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management)
• Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) with Specialization in Leadership and Industrial Organizational Psychology

Professional Accomplishments:
• Holds over 200 National & International Professional Certifications in Business, Management, Economics, Communication, Education, Neuroscience, and Psychology
• Psychology Lecturer at UTY, Indonesia
• Management Lecturer at Global HCM Institute
• Distinguished Professor in Leadership and Management Studies at PHU, USA
• Competency Assessor of Indonesian Professional Certification Authority of The Republic of Indonesia (BNSP RI)
• Public Speaker with experience addressing over 100,000 audiences in 55 cities in Indonesia

Role as Honorary Country Representative:
Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro has been appointed as the Honorary Country Representative in Indonesia by QAHE. In this role, he will represent QAHE in Indonesia, working towards expanding the organization's reach and fostering collaborations in the field of quality assurance in education. With his extensive experience, academic background, and deep understanding of the local education landscape, Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro will contribute to advancing the standards of pre-tertiary and higher education in Indonesia. He will utilize his extensive network and expertise in quality assurance to forge partnerships, promote QAHE's mission, and drive excellence in education.

Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro's appointment as the Honorary Country Representative in Indonesia reflects his outstanding professional achievements, commitment to quality education, and dedication to elevating standards in the field. With his expertise and passion, he is poised to make a significant impact on the education sector in Indonesia and contribute to QAHE's global mission.

Overall, Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro's profile showcases his exceptional qualifications, diverse skill set, and extensive experience, making him an invaluable asset in his role as the Honorary Country Representative for QAHE in Indonesia.