Dr. Nicolaas Martin Nieuwoudt 24/08/2023

Dr. Nicolaas Martin Nieuwoudt is an esteemed theologian and academic professional with a strong commitment to promoting excellence in higher education. With a distinguished academic background and ext

Prof. Dr. Hassan Abou Seada 05/04/2023

Al Fostat Academy Ph.D. Degree in management accounting at Columbia University P, USA. 1982. Master in Management Accounting – Columbia P. University, California-USA, 1980 Graduated from Cairo Un

Prof. David Le Cornu 04/12/2023

Prof. David Le Cornu is a highly esteemed figure in the field of higher education, renowned for his exceptional leadership and dedication to academic excellence. With a distinguished career spanning

Dr. Festus C. Daniel 03/08/2023

National President of National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria Honorary Fellow, QAHE

Prof. Dr. Nguyen The Vinh 24/08/2023

As a recognized Partner on Human Resources (HR), Leadership, and Education in Vietnam, Prof. Dr. Nguyen The Vinh has worked for renowned corporations, universities, social & professional organizations

Dr. Tommy Ho 05/04/2023

Founding President of Hong Kong Institute of Environmentalists Chairman of the Hong Kong Chapter of the Society of Environmental Engineers UK Chairman of Macau Branch of the Australian Institute of

Mr. WONG Ho Yi, Nelson 05/04/2023

Master of Social Work (MSW), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Certified Trainer, TTI Success Insights Qualified Personality Dimensions® Facilitator-Trainer (Level II), Career/LifeSkills Resourc

Sir Prof. (Dr.) Bikash Sharma (KR) 05/04/2023

Sir Prof. Dr. Bikash Sharma is a management professional and philanthropist with over two decades of experience in the Education, Management, Human Resources and IT Enabled Services Dr. Sharma is cu

Ms. Francis Elina Bell Domínguez 05/04/2023

Ms. Francis Elina Bell Domínguez is a Portuguese-Venezuelan and she lives in Portugal with a lot of ties to educational institutions in Latin America. She is in charge of a Rectory in Inclusive Educa

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. PhD 05/04/2023

BISHOP PROF. RUDOLPH Q. KWANUE, SR. WAEC. Ct., Com. Dip. AA, B.CEdu , B.Eadm. M.Edadm. M. Mis. DBS, PhD. PhCL. ED.Ph. & HD. C.Adm.