MCA School Receives AQS ISO 29990:2010 LSMS Certificate with QAHE Assistance, and QAHE Successfully Renews Accreditation

Jan 04, 2024

MCA Business & Postgraduate School has been awarded the AQS ISO 29990:2010 LSMS Certificate with the assistance of the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE). This prestigious certification recognizes MCA School's commitment to providing high-quality training and education to professionals in the field. Additionally, we are pleased to share that QAHE has successfully renewed its accreditation.

About MCA Business & Postgraduate School MCA Business & Postgraduate School is an online training organization specializing in postgraduate programs. With a focus on innovative and disruptive virtual learning environments, MCA School has gained extensive experience in delivering competitive teaching systems that meet the highest standards of academic quality. The institution is dedicated to fostering academic excellence, nurturing brilliant minds, and promoting sustainable development.

Commitment to Academic Excellence and Values At MCA School, academic excellence is combined with deeply rooted values. The institution places a strong emphasis on respect for diversity, the promotion of equality, and the creation of an environment that inspires confidence and encourages personal and social responsibility. MCA School is more than just a center of higher education; it is a transformative space that shapes leaders of integrity and empowers global citizens to tackle the world's challenges with wisdom and empathy.

AQS ISO 29990:2010 LSMS Certification The AQS ISO 29990:2010 LSMS Certificate is a testament to MCA School's dedication to providing exceptional learning services. This certification, obtained with the assistance of QAHE, demonstrates MCA School's adherence to the highest international standards for non-formal education and training. It signifies the institution's commitment to continuous improvement and the delivery of quality education to professionals.

Certificate Details
• Certificate Name: AQS ISO 29990:2010 LSMS Certificate
• Certificate Number: 0909095
• Online verification: Certificate Verification
• Accredited by: Euro American Joint Accreditation Center (EA-JAC)
• Validity: This certificate is valid from 03-January-2024 until 02-January-2027
• Surveillance Audits: The certificate remains valid subject to satisfactory surveillance audits on or before 02-January-2025 and 02-January-2026.
• Certification Expiry: The certification will expire on 02-January-2027.

About QAHE The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE) is a renowned organization dedicated to ensuring quality assurance in education and training. QAHE provides valuable assistance and guidance to institutions seeking accreditation and certification, enabling them to meet international standards and deliver excellence in education. QAHE has also successfully renewed its accreditation, further demonstrating its commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality in the educational landscape.

We congratulate MCA Business & Postgraduate School on their achievement and express our appreciation to QAHE for their ongoing support and dedication to promoting excellence in education.

For more information about MCA Business & Postgraduate School and their AQS ISO 29990:2010 LSMS Certificate, please visit their website. To learn more about QAHE and their accreditation services, please visit the QAHE website or contact their Accreditation Office.