Kennedy University of Baptist Receives Accreditation from QAHE

Nov 14, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Kennedy University of Baptist has achieved a significant milestone in its pursuit of academic excellence. The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) has granted accreditation to the university, recognizing its commitment to upholding exceptional quality standards in education.

The QAHE accreditation serves as a testament to Kennedy University of Baptist's unwavering dedication to providing a high-quality learning environment and ensuring that its students receive a valuable and recognized education. It further reinforces the university's commitment to maintaining rigorous standards and fostering academic excellence.

The accreditation from QAHE reinforces the following acknowledgments and recognitions received by Kennedy University of Baptist:
1. Florida Department of Education (USA): Kennedy University of Baptist has been granted an Annual Verification as a Verified Religious College by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education. This grants the university the legal authority to confer Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees in accordance with Florida Statutes.
2. Ministry of Education (Dominion of Melchizedek): Kennedy University of Baptist is a licensed and acknowledged educational institution sanctioned by the Ministry of Education in the Dominion of Melchizedek. This recognition ensures that the degrees conferred by the university are internationally recognized under the laws and treaties of the Dominion of Melchizedek.
3. Ministry of General Education and Instruction (South Sudan): Kennedy University of Baptist has received confirmation that it can be recognized as a foreign university by the South Sudan Ministry of General Education and Instruction. This recognition validates the degrees conferred by the university as valid foreign qualifications within South Sudan.
4. Royal Council of Atjeh Darussalam (Indonesia): Kennedy University of Baptist has earned accreditation from the King of Atjeh Darussalam and his Royal Council of Atjeh Darussalam in Indonesia. This accreditation empowers the university to grant bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees that hold recognition within Atjeh Darussalam.
5. President's Volunteer Service Award (USA): Kennedy University of Baptist has been approved as an official Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award. This designation allows the university to confer the prestigious President's Volunteer Service Award on behalf of the President of the United States.
6. Taongi National University Partnership (Liberia): Kennedy University of Baptist has formed a partnership with Taongi National University, ensuring seamless transfer and enrollment opportunities for students between the two institutions.

The accreditation from QAHE adds to the already distinguished reputation of Kennedy University of Baptist as an esteemed educational institution. It highlights the university's alignment with international quality assurance standards and signifies its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in education.

Kennedy University of Baptist joins the esteemed ranks of educational institutions worldwide that have been accredited by QAHE. This accreditation demonstrates the university's adherence to rigorous quality assurance practices, ensuring the delivery of education that meets global standards.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Kennedy University of Baptist on this remarkable achievement. The QAHE accreditation serves as a testament to the university's commitment to providing a transformative educational experience for its students and preparing them for success in their chosen fields.

For more information about Kennedy University of Baptist and its accredited programs, please visit their Institutional Profile.