ISO 9001, 21001, 29990 for Education and Training Institutions

Mar 29, 2023

AQS, UK and QAHE Co-Branded ISO Certifications Now Available for Training and Educational Institutions We are thrilled to announce that our partner, AQS, UK, has launched co-branded ISO certifications with QAHE for training and educational institutions. These comprehensive certifications include 9001, 21001, and 29990, and are designed to enhance the quality management system and improve the educational offerings of institutions. "The Accreditation Committee of QAHE is excited to partner with AQS, UK in offering co-branded ISO certifications for training and educational institutions," said Natasha, a member of the Accreditation Committee of QAHE. "These certifications will provide institutions with the necessary tools to improve their quality management system and enhance their educational offerings, leading to better outcomes for students and the broader community." The ISO 9001 certification is a quality management standard that ensures an organization's processes are consistent and meet customer requirements. The ISO 21001 certification is a standard for educational organizations that focuses on the provision of educational products and services. The ISO 29990 certification is a standard for training providers that focuses on the design, development, and delivery of non-formal education and training. The streamlined certification process is led by a team of experts who will provide necessary tools to achieve excellence in the field. With ISO certification, institutions can ensure they meet international standards in quality management, educational services, and training provision. Join the ranks of leading educational institutions and trust AQS, UK and QAHE for all your ISO certification needs. Contact us at today to learn more and take the first step towards achieving excellence.