ISO 29995:2021 Certification of Educalink Consultants LLC

Sep 04, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Educalink Consultants LLC has achieved certification in accordance with ISO 29995:2021, an international standard for learning services outside formal education. This certification reflects Educalink Consultants' commitment to delivering high-quality educational services and ensuring excellence in their operations.

Certificate Details:
Certificate Number: 0909067
Standard: ISO 29995:2021
Certification expiry: 29 August 2026
This certificate is valid from 30-August-2023 until 29-August-2026 and remains valid subject to satisfactory surveillance audits on or before 29 August 2024 and 29 August 2025

To verify the certification, you may visit the online verification portal at Simply enter the certificate number (0909067) for access to the certificate details and confirmation of Educalink Consultants' certification status.

Educalink Consultants LLC has demonstrated their commitment to meeting internationally recognized standards in the provision of learning services. This achievement showcases their dedication to delivering exceptional educational experiences and underscores their position as a trusted provider in the industry.

In addition, QAHE warmly welcomes ISO certification applications from all our accredited institutions. We are pleased to inform you that these certifications will be issued by AQS, a reputable certification body based in the UK, in collaboration with QAHE. This co-branding ensures the credibility and international recognition of the certifications, further enhancing the value and reputation of our accredited institutions.