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Oct 19, 2023 An introductory overview of the university
Distance education in times of war and natural disasters
Al-Zaytoonah International University in Syria was established in the city of Azaz in the northwestern region of Syria with the aim of benefiting from the advancements of communications and Internet technology to spread university and higher education in the conditions of war and conflict that Syria has been experiencing for 12 years. The university aims to make science and university academic achievement accessible to everyone, and the main goal is Building peace through education, reducing the migration of Syrian youth to Europe, benefiting from immigrant minds and linking them to their mother country, Syria, and providing educational services to all students in countries witnessing wars and conflict such as Yemen, Sudan, Syria, and poor countries such as West African countries in which there are Arab or Muslim minorities who wish to study. Arabic language remotely

1. The university seeks to preserve the environment, switch to using alternative energy, reduce carbon emissions, and preserve vegetation through the colleges of alternative energy engineering and the college of agricultural engineering.
2. The university has obtained many international accreditations and global awards
3. The university awards bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees through 14 colleges and departments
4. The university includes a scientific studies center and a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal

Definition of Al-Zaytoonah International University:
It is one of the private universities in Syria, located in the city of Azaz in the Aleppo Governorate, northwest of Syria. It was established at the end of 2021 AD, making its main and official headquarters in the city of Azaz, northwest of the city of Aleppo, and its website is
With the aim of ensuring that young people receive quality education in times of conflict and war and ensuring and building peace through education and the presence of a sufficient number of leadership cadres to lead government and private institutions in the country; To achieve renaissance, development, and serve Syria by preparing graduates scientifically and morally to be able to assume responsibility in serving the nation, and aspiring to achieve internationalism by attracting cadres from the Arab world and foreign countries, as well as attracting Arab and foreign students.
Al-Zaytoonah International University is an educational institution characterized by an educational system that is not hindered by time or space, not even in times of disasters and crises. Therefore, it is aware of its role in education and is aware of its mission to achieve the nation’s vision.
Al-Zaytoonah International University has an academic and administrative staff from various parts of Syria and throughout the Arab world and provides its educational services in accordance with quality and higher education standards at the local and international levels.

University mission:
Disseminating knowledge through flexible, high-quality higher education within the latest modern teaching methods and methods in the world.
Encouraging scientific research and publishing and building personalities capable of excellence, innovation and interaction, and fortifying them with knowledge, values and skills.
Spreading education during wars and conflicts by adopting the distance education system and promoting community peace and citizenship
Reducing brain drain and youth migration and benefiting from immigrant minds by linking them to their home country through distance education.
Adopting scientific research and encouraging students to search for solutions for society that help in the early recovery of society based on the quality of the outcomes of the sustainable educational process and keeping pace with international development in terms of updating study plans and the future outlook for the development of science, building a state of citizenship, promoting the values of democratic dialogue in society and rejecting violence and extremism.

University goals:
1- Providing university studies for new Syrian students in the first year or those who dropped out of school in the remaining years.
2- Seeking to reduce the financial and economic burden on displaced families and those without breadwinners
And make the student productive by adopting the evening shift in the distance education system and working on holidays only, one Friday and one Saturday
3- Supporting women and girls’ access to their right to university education by offering full scholarship programs, with annual tuition fees being almost nominal, through university plans that adopt almost free education and not turning the university into a profit-making institution in light of the difficult economic conditions experienced by the northwestern regions of Syria.
4-Ensuring comprehensive quality assurance in all university activities.
5- Focus on scientific research and enhance its importance in economic, social and political development and growth by urging students and faculty members to publish peer-reviewed scientific research in the university magazine in support of the Syrian and Arab scientific library.
6- Rooting the sciences and consolidating the human and moral values derived from our true religion and traditions.
7- Producing high-quality educational materials.
8- Strengthening communication with labor markets in Arab countries and offering programs and specializations that are appropriate for these markets to contribute to securing continuous job opportunities for young people.
9- Promoting a culture of peaceful coexistence and acceptance of others in building a future Syria free of violence and extremism.

Target group:
1- Syrian students in all areas of northwest Syria (liberated areas) and the Peace Spring area from all categories, especially
A- Married girls and orphan caregivers who cannot attend physically
B - Syrian students who have a high school diploma from the interim government and are residing in the Zaatari camps in Jordan, the camps in Lebanon, Turkey, and asylum countries in Europe and the Gulf.
T- Workers and employees in state sectors and departments, local councils, and members of the national army and security forces who are unable to attend and commit to physical hours.
D - War-wounded members of the Syrian revolution, whose injuries forced them to leave work and study, and they were confined to their homes, unable to move without a caregiver.
C - Employees of relief and humanitarian organizations, volunteer teams, and civil defense who perform a daily humanitarian mission during daylight hours.
2- International students from countries witnessing wars and conflicts and students from West African countries who wish to study the Arabic language and Islamic law online remotely

ISO Certification:
ISO 21001:2018

QAHE accreditation valid Period:
From : 19 Oct 2023
To : 18 Oct 2024

Contact Information:
Address : Ayria - Azaz
Phone : +905385649464
Website :