Rhema Theological College UK

Aug 17, 2023

Rhema Theological College has demonstrated exceptional standards of quality assurance, curriculum design, faculty expertise, and institutional governance. The college's unwavering pursuit of academic and spiritual excellence has made it a distinguished institution in the field of theological education.

The accreditation process involved a rigorous evaluation of Rhema Theological College's educational objectives, curriculum, faculty qualifications, student support services, and adherence to ethical and professional standards. QAHE commends Rhema Theological College for its comprehensive approach to education, which encompasses a fuller knowledge of the Word of God, the Christian faith, personal development, and an awareness of one's role in society.

The college's educational objectives are aligned with QAHE's values of promoting academic rigor, critical thinking, and the integration of knowledge into a holistic Christian worldview. Rhema Theological College's dedication to helping students develop mature Christian character, engage in independent research, and cultivate habits consistent with the teachings of Scripture resonated strongly with QAHE's accreditation standards.

Rhema Theological College offers a diverse range of courses, including biblical studies, theology and doctrine, ministry and leadership, Christian ethics, church history, spiritual formation, apologetics, cross-cultural ministry, and various electives. These courses not only provide students with a comprehensive understanding of their faith but also equip them with practical skills for effective ministry and service.

The full accreditation granted by QAHE recognizes Rhema Theological College's commitment to educational excellence and its significant contributions to the global community of theological education. Students can be confident that they are receiving a high-quality education that meets international standards of quality assurance.

Valid Period:
From : 30 Oct 2023
To : 29 Oct 2024

Contact Information:
Address : 38, Colliery Street, Beswick, Openshaw, Manchester, United Kingdom
Phone : +447903981556
Website : https://www.rhematheologicalcollege.org/