PT Alam Alsahara Indonesia

May 05, 2023 Overview:
PT Alam Alsahara Indonesia is a leading oilfield and industrial training institution established in 2016. With a strong focus on performance improvement and safety, they are dedicated to providing high-quality vocational training and technical development programs for professionals in the oilfield industry. Their commitment to excellence, industry expertise, and ISO certification makes them a trusted partner for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in the oilfield sector.

Their mission is to deliver comprehensive and practical training solutions that enable oilfield professionals to work safely, reduce non-productive time (NPT), and achieve optimal performance in their respective roles. They strive to empower individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the continuous growth and success of the oilfield industry.

Courses and Expertise:
At PT Alam Alsahara Indonesia, they offer a wide range of courses delivered by highly professional Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with extensive industry experience. Their course portfolio includes:
1. Well Control Courses: They provide drilling and well intervention courses that meet the certification standards of both the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) and the International Well Control Forum (IWCF). These courses equip participants with the essential skills to ensure safety and efficiency in well operations.
2. HSE Courses: They offer comprehensive health, safety, and environmental (HSE) training programs to enhance awareness and compliance with industry regulations. Their HSE courses cover various aspects, including risk management, emergency response, and occupational safety.
3. Mechanical and Hydraulics Courses: Their mechanical and hydraulics training focuses on equipping professionals with in-depth knowledge of equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and hydraulic systems used in the oilfield industry.
4. Customized Technical Training: They specialize in developing customized technical training courses tailored to specific oilfield specialties. These courses cover areas such as cementing operations, drilling operations, drilling fluids, directional and horizontal drilling, coil tubing operations, stimulation, and more.

Capacity Building Programs:
In addition to their regular training courses, PT Alam Alsahara Indonesia has the capability to design and implement development programs for both graduate engineers and non-graduates. These programs aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling participants to excel in their careers and contribute effectively to the oilfield industry.

ISO Certification:
They are proud to be an ISO certified institution, adhering to the highest standards of quality and excellence in training delivery. Their ISO certification reflects their commitment to providing exceptional training services and continuously improving their processes to meet industry requirements.

Join Them:
They invite individuals and organizations to join them as accredited institutions and benefit from their esteemed QAHE accreditation. By partnering with PT Alam Alsahara Indonesia, you can enhance your credibility and demonstrate a commitment to delivering quality education. For more information on accreditation and ISO certifications, please contact them at

At PT Alam Alsahara Indonesia, they are passionate about driving excellence in the oilfield industry through education and training. Join them in their pursuit of safety, efficiency, and continuous professional development. Together, let's make a positive impact on the oilfield sector and contribute to its sustainable growth.

QAHE institutional accreditation valid period:
From : 20 Jan 2023
To : 19 Jan 2025

Contact Information:
Address : Centennial Tower, Floor 29, Unit D-F, Jenderal Gatot Subroto Street Kav. 24-25, Karet Semanggi, Setiabudi, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province, Indonesia
Phone : +6285726688893
Website :