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Mar 27, 2024 Overview:
ar-mel | Center of Excellence is a leading collaborative platform specializing in action research, monitoring, evaluation, and learning. With a strong focus on innovation, audacity, and creativity, ar-mel delivers exceptional services in the field of program monitoring and evaluation. The institution has gained recognition for its commitment to excellence, evidence-based decision making, and sustainable impact.

ar-mel's mission is to support NGOs, governments, and international development organizations in making informed decisions through rigorous research, monitoring, evaluation, and learning. By generating valuable evidence and insights, ar-mel aims to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of various programs and initiatives.

Services Offered:
1. Monitoring and Evaluation:
• Baseline Studies: Collecting data at the beginning of projects to establish pre-project conditions.
• Midterm Evaluation (MTEs): Assessing the continued relevance of interventions.
• End of Project Evaluation (EoPE): Providing feedback on project achievements and effectiveness.
• Impact Evaluation: Assessing long-term effects resulting from interventions.
• Needs Assessments: Gathering and analyzing information on the needs of impacted populations.
• Experimental and Longitudinal Studies: Utilizing randomized studies and longitudinal analysis.
• Comprehensive Gender Analysis (CGA): Deepening understanding of gender dynamics.
• Most Significant Change (MSC) Analyses: Capturing and analyzing significant changes resulting from interventions.
• Conflict Analyses: Evaluating conflict structures and security concerns.
• Third-Party Monitoring (TPM): Enabling oversight of projects inaccessible to internal staff.
• Value for Money (VfM) Analyses: Assessing the cost-effectiveness of programs.
• Data Quality Reviews (DQR): Ensuring the reliability of data through comprehensive reviews.

2. Capacity Building:
• MEAL Training, Coaching, and Mentoring: Comprehensive training programs combining virtual and in-person sessions.
• MEAL Framework Design: Establishing effective monitoring and evaluation frameworks.
• MEAL Systems Audit: Independent and systematic evaluation of MEL systems.
• Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Tracking: Utilizing analytics, visualization, and modeling for data-driven insights.
Domains of Expertise:
ar-mel has extensive expertise in a wide range of domains, including:
• Health
• Education
• Gender Equality
• Climate Change
• Peacebuilding
• Social Cohesion
• Child Protection

ar-mel's approach combines rigorous research methodologies, cutting-edge technology, and collaborative partnerships to deliver tailored monitoring and evaluation solutions. By applying evidence-based practices, ar-mel enables organizations to maximize their impact and achieve sustainable outcomes.

QAHE accreditation valid Period:
From : 27 March 2024
To : 26 March 2025

Contact Information:
Address: Benin Republic, Abomey Calavi, Quartier Agori, Rude de l'Espoir Maison Bio Bigou