National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria

Aug 03, 2023 National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria has:
  •  satisfactorily met all the standards prescribed by the Accreditation Committee concerning educational quality, institutional integrity and public accountability, through a voluntary, non-governmental review process of quality assurance and institutional development.
  • Upon evaluations of the following areas, FULL ACCREDITATION is awarded by International Quality Assurance for Higher Education: Academic Quality and Integrity, Teaching Staff Qualifications, Delivery of Programs, Students Services and Website Design and Performance.
Valid: from 3 Aug 2023 to 2 Aug 2028

National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria (NISCN), the country's first and oldest safety organization.

Established in 1964 by a Federal Government cabinet decision under the sponsorship of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment in line with ILO Convention 187 (Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health Convention), NISCN is a non-profit making tripartite organization consisting of Government (Federal and States), Employers (NECA) and workers representatives (NLC and TUC) and all other national Occupational Safety and Health bodies.

As a result of the accreditation, NISCN has been recognized by QAHE as a leading organization in the field of occupational safety and health. This achievement demonstrates NISCN's commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety in the workplace.