Islamic Azad University (IAU), UAE Branch

Nov 10, 2023 Islamic Azad University (IAU) is a non-governmental, non-profit higher education provider that was established in 1982 headquartered in Tehran, Iran. It has ramified into 400+ branches throughout Iran and four branches abroad including UAE Branch. IAU-UAE operates independently, relying solely on tuition fees and occasional contributions from philanthropic donors to sustain its operations.

In 2003, IAU UAE Branch was among the early higher education providers in Dubai to cater to the educational needs of the expatriate community living in the UAE.

Accredited by Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology (MSRT) and Dubai Government’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), IAU-UAE has been striving to provide quality higher education and knowledge development.

In 2020 a memorandum of cooperation was made between Islamic Azad University - Science and Research Branch (IAU-SRB) and Islamic Azad University - UAE Branch (IAU-UAE) where the IAU-SRB shall take the responsibilities of the HEP Home as per the University Quality Assurance International Board (UQAIB) Manual on Quality Assurance. This is to ensure the equivalency of fair and equitable education, curriculums, teaching, learning, research and assessments in the programs offered at both parties.

We offer a nurturing environment and pathways to seize opportunities for cultivating curious minds and fostering individuals committed to continuous learning. Our aim is to contribute to a better world by promoting global comprehension and engaging in both research and entrepreneurship endeavors.

IAU-UAE's commitment to delivering quality education and its alignment with QAHE vision for internationalization and quality improvement have contributed to the approval of the accreditation. QAHE believes that IAU-UAE's successful experience in higher education infrastructure development and its efforts towards standardization and quality assurance will benefit the entire IAU network.

  QAHE Institional Accreditation valid period:
From : 10 Nov 2023
To : 9 Nov 2024
QAHE Accredited Programs:
1. Bachelor of Architecture Engineering
2. Bachelor of Business Management
3. Master of Architecture
4. Master of Business Administration
Contact Information:
Address : Premises No. G08, Block 4A, Dubai Knowledge Park, UAE
Phone : +97145674601
Website :

Discussion Session hosted by the Architecture Engineering department Azad University UAE Branch on "the Construction Industry in UAE" took place on 7 December 2023