Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch (IAU-SRB)

Jan 17, 2024 Introduction:
Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch (IAU-SRB) is a distinguished research and specialized university located in Tehran, Iran. Established in October 1984, IAU-SRB has emerged as a prominent institution within the Islamic Azad University network, playing a vital role in the educational landscape of the country.

Mission and Vision:
The mission of IAU-SRB is to promote knowledge, skills, and capabilities in various fields of science and technology while responding to the educational and research expectations of society. The university is committed to contributing to the economic, social, and cultural development of society through the production and dissemination of science while preserving its Islamic and spiritual identities.

Academic Excellence and Rankings:
IAU-SRB is recognized for its academic excellence and research contributions. The university offers a wide range of fields of study, including humanities, technical studies, engineering, basic sciences, and agriculture. It hosts over 50,000 students across undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels, with a notable focus on postgraduate studies.

IAU-SRB has an extensive faculty comprising more than 1,000 full-time, part-time, and visiting professors. These include renowned scholars and experts in various fields, contributing to the university's academic strength and reputation. The institution is proud to have produced many prominent figures and university professors who are graduates of IAU-SRB.

The university's commitment to research and innovation is reflected in its rankings. According to international rankings, IAU-SRB is ranked 647th in the world, 379th in research, 416th in innovation, and 231st in social impact [1]. These rankings highlight the institution's dedication to scholarly pursuits and its impact on society.

Research and Laboratory Centers:
IAU-SRB is home to numerous research and laboratory centers, emphasizing its commitment to advancing knowledge and scientific discovery. These centers provide a conducive environment for conducting cutting-edge research and fostering interdisciplinary collaborations. The university's research initiatives have resulted in the publication of numerous books, patents, and the graduation of a significant number of postgraduate and PhD students.

Campus and Facilities:
The IAU-SRB campus in Tehran is located next to the central organization of Islamic Azad University. Situated in Area 5, northwest of Tehran, above Punk Square, the campus covers a vast area and provides state-of-the-art facilities to support teaching, learning, and research activities. The comprehensive transportation system, including a fleet of 50 buses, ensures convenient access for students and faculty members.

IAU-SRB's commitment to educational excellence and quality assurance is reflected in its accreditation by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE). The accreditation recognizes the institution's adherence to rigorous quality assurance standards and criteria, further enhancing its reputation and global recognition.

Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch (IAU-SRB) is a leading research and specialized university in Tehran, Iran. With its wide range of academic disciplines, commitment to research, and emphasis on academic excellence, IAU-SRB continues to make significant contributions to the educational landscape of Iran and beyond. The institution's accreditation by QAHE underscores its commitment to quality assurance and further strengthens its position as a prestigious educational institution.

QAHE institutional accreditation valid period:
From : 17 Jan 2024
To : 16 Jan 2025

Contact Information:
Address : Science and Research Branch, Hesarak blvd, Sattari Highway, Tehran, Iran
Tel: +982144865179-82 & 44865154-8