International Science and Technology University

Jan 04, 2024 Introduction:
International Science and Technology University (ISTU) is a renowned institution of higher education dedicated to providing exceptional academic programs and fostering innovation, research, and professional development. With a global presence and a commitment to excellence, ISTU offers a comprehensive range of programs designed to meet the evolving needs of students and the demands of the ever-changing professional landscape.

ISTU's mission is to empower students with knowledge, skills, and competencies to excel in their chosen fields and contribute to society through innovation, research, and lifelong learning. The university aims to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment that fosters critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and a passion for discovery.

Accreditations and Certifications:
ISTU holds full accreditation from the prestigious Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE), a global recognition of its commitment to academic excellence and quality standards. The university also boasts various quality certifications, including ISO 21001: Educational Institutions Management System, ISO 26000: Social Responsibility Management System, ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery Management System, ISO 56003: Innovation Management and Guidance System, ISO/IEC 20000: Information Technologies Service Management Systems, ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management System, ISO/IEC 27001: Information Security Management System, ISO 9001: Quality Management System, and ISO 10002: Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Management System.

Programs and Disciplines:
ISTU offers a wide range of programs across diverse disciplines, including but not limited to:
1. Engineering and Technology
2. Business and Management
3. Computer Science and Information Technology
4. Health Sciences and Medicine
5. Social Sciences and Humanities
6. Environmental Sciences and Sustainability
7. Arts and Design
8. Education and Teaching

ISTU's programs are designed to provide students with a strong theoretical foundation, practical skills, and real-world experience, ensuring their readiness for successful careers and professional advancement.

Global Recognition and Partnerships:
ISTU has established strategic partnerships with renowned universities, research institutions, and industry leaders worldwide. These collaborations enable students to gain exposure to global perspectives, engage in international research projects, and participate in exchange programs, broadening their horizons and nurturing a global mindset.

Faculty and Research Excellence:
ISTU prides itself on its distinguished faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. They bring a wealth of knowledge, industry experience, and a passion for teaching, guiding students in their academic journey and inspiring them to reach their full potential. The university encourages research and innovation, providing state-of-the-art facilities and resources to support faculty and student research endeavors.

Student Support and Campus Life:
ISTU is committed to providing a supportive and enriching student experience. The university offers a range of student support services, including academic advising, career counseling, and personal development programs. Additionally, students can engage in various extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations, fostering a vibrant campus life and promoting holistic growth.

QAHE institutional accreditation valid period:
From : 4 Jan 2024
To : 3 Jan 2025

Contact Information:
Address : Guzelkent Mah. 727. Sok. No: 10 Etimesgut / Ankara, Tuekey
Phone : +908508886421
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