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Apr 05, 2023 The Holy Spirit University of Atlanta focuses on the quality of the student experience: innovative curricula are designed to meet the market needs in today's rapidly evolving and technologically advanced world; an internationally-recruited faculty combines disciplinary expertise and instructional mastery; an accomplished administrative team oversees both learning and teaching processes while facilitating and fostering student progress. Flexibility, accessibility and academic distinction are the hallmarks of UOFA. We encourage you to check our Faculties, Programs, and Majors. See what distinguishes us from other institutions of higher learning. From the moment of your initial inquiry until the day on which you proudly earn your degree, you will find a team of experts lending support in all ways possible. Your success is our success, and we are here to foster your progress. When you enroll in any of the programs offered by UOFA, you set out on an exciting venture; you enter into a universe of unbridled opportunities. "The Holy Spirit University of Atlanta" Instructors, Advisors, Board of Trustees and every staff open their warm shoulders to provide you with the highest academic standards that every nowadays professional, mid-career or fresh high school graduate is seeking for. The Holy Spirit University of Atlanta is a university of standing, currently in a mode of enhancement and expansion, UOFA surges forward: a recently-appointed leadership team of recognized specialists; a top-tier internationally-recruited faculty (academicians and field experts of acclaim who manifest both a passion for higher learning and a proven commitment to student success), in conjunction with new initiatives for 2023-2024(including expanded curricular options at the undergraduate and graduate levels; inauguration of professional doctoral programs; enhanced interactivity among program participants; augmented global affiliations and collaborative partnerships; an ever-more powerful support system provided by all institutional departments and divisions; a broadened array of delivery models; and the establishment of learning-study-media centers in various regions of the globe) - notably signal the forward direction of the University and its unwavering commitment to excellence. Strategic outreach initiatives have been specifically fashioned so as to substantiate that all programs are available and accessible to broad national and international student populations worldwide who manifest the desire and capacity for higher learning. A powerful, multi-faceted support system is in place to foster the success of students and to maximize the university experience. A host of recently-developed initiatives (the new five-part Holy Spirit University of Atlanta Monograph Series (sanctioned by, and registered with the US Library of Congress); the founding of a new journal, Virtualities: International Review of Blended Learning – Library of Congress ISSN: 1941-7373; the inauguration of a new annual symposium series on advances in the sphere of E-Learning; the naming of Provost Fellows in recognition of outstanding achievement and promise; the development of a special scholarship program; and augmented accessibility across divisions) - signal the breadth and scope of the university’s vision, its unwavering commitment to the high-pitched standards, to accelerated momentum as well as its resolve to offer respected, intensive programs of first-tier caliber via the most progressive and effective modes of delivery. The curriculum is marked by many distinctions, among them, a powerful commitment to communicative competence and to applied critical thinking (underscored in all courses, in all disciplines, at all levels) and a special emphasis on integrated global perspectives. As a consequence of such diversity and cross-national emphasis, we become an enriched, value-added repository for expanded learning, wherein global perspectives and multi-cultural exchange flourish. In and by our difference, we stand apart: distinctive in quality, devoted to the individual learner, contemporary in content and presentation, attuned to the issues of the day and to the needs of prospective students worldwide, seeking always to set each program participant on an intellectual journey into the future, yet committed unrelentingly to the core values that have always underpinned, and continue to underpin, the fundamentals of higher education.

Distinguished nationally and internationally for its first-rate degree offerings, rigorous curriculum and compelling areas of specialization at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. [Note: Every program has been scrupulously reviewed, course by course, acclaimed field authorities identified and selected by the institution's Council for Academic Excellence in consultation with international bodies dedicated to scholarly output in education

Development of a new Division of Student Affairs, with a student-centered approach to departments and services.

Every course, in addition to focused content, underscores
(a) enhanced communicative competence;
(b) honed critical thinking skills; and
(c) significant development of global awareness and understanding.
Distinguished faculty: Internationally-recruited -- all with notably high-pitched credentials. No less noteworthy; every approved or appointed faculty member has a record of markedly successful university experience; a scholarly / professional agenda of merit; and a salient, unwavering commitment to student success.

A high-profile cadre of program directors and administrative leaders (many members of whom are internationally acclaimed scholar-teacher-leaders) oversees and ensures the quality of all programs.

The university is structurally organized into Seven Faculties within which discipline- relevant programs are offered and overseen by senior field authorities and by specialized members: the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics; the Faculty of Natural and Applied Science, The Faculty of Law and Political Science, Faculty of Educational Leadership, Faculty of Health Science and Healthcare Administration, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Arts & Design.

Development of a new Division of Student Affairs, with a student-centered approach to departments and services.Student Orientation Services offers Online Tour, to familiarize students with the Learning Platform.Establishment of Academic- and Needs-Based Scholarship.

Commitment to, and promotion of, student engagement via social networking (Twitter, Zoom, Teams, Facebook...) - with specific program and subject (or course)-specific Discussion Boards on Facebook.
Strong student support services that enhance the 24/7 learning environment available to students, thus fostering learning and maximizing academic success.

A first-rate, proprietary Learn Center (and Learning Platform), which is unique in that it boasts sophisticated features, technical options and learning resources while remaining extremely user-friendly.A self-paced hybrid model, which permits those who need extra time that leeway, while, simultaneously, allowing those who wish to move more rapidly through their courses the option to do so.The Provostial Fellow Program and the annual Thesis Competition are two of several initiatives which recognize and reward excellence in academic performance.

The institution has established a recognized five-part book-publishing collection, The Holy Spirit University of Atlanta Monograph Series, formally approved by, and registered with, the Library of Congress. Books published hi the series will appear, as per the author-publisher agreement, online, in print or hi both formats (with separate ISSN serial numbers distinguishing each).

The five sub-series with the collection:
1) Management Studies;
2.) Healthcare Administration;
3.) Educational Leadership;
4.) Legal Studies and Jurisprudence; and
5.) Applied Critical Theory

The University has established an exciting online journal: Virtualities: International Review of Blended Learning, Inaugural volume to appear Fall 2024. Call for papers appears on numerous websites and is already eliciting much positive attention and interest on the part of both prospective contributors and eager readers.

The University Trustee engaged hi development of international online consortium. While in its early stages, this outreach movement has already proven effective and has yielded both interest and attention. As the initiative develops, reports will appear on the University's website.

A notably well-informed team of Admissions Officers is prepared, able and eager to assist prospective students through the entire enrollment process: from initial inquiry through formal admission to official student status. A valuable asset to students.

By its diversity and cross-national emphasis, the University has become an enriched, value-added repository for expanded learning, wherein internationalization and cross-cultural exchange flourish.
Finally, the Holy Spirit University of Atlanta prides itself on its modes of difference, by which it stands apart: distinctive in quality, devoted to the individual learner, contemporary in content and presentation, attuned to the issues of the day and to the needs of prospective students world-wide, seeking always to set each program participant on an intellectual journey into the future, yet committed unrelentingly to the core values that have always underpinned, and continue to underpin, the fundaments of higher education.

The Holy Spirit University of Atlanta is Licensed by the Florida Department of Education, State of Florida , Commission for Independent Education, Complied with Section 1005.06 (1) (f) and Accredited by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education ( QAHE), a globally recognized accreditation agency that promotes the highest standards of academic excellence. Our Accreditation from QAHE represents our steadfast commitment to providing a quality education that meets the required standards of excellence. We take great pride in being part of a network of accredited institutions worldwide that share our passion for upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and quality. This accreditation is a testament to our unwavering dedication to the continuous improvement and ensuring that our students receive a world-class education that prepares them for success in their chosen fields.

QAHE institutional accreditation valid period:
From : 29 June 2023
To : 28 June 2027

QAHE excellence in education valid period:
From : 16 Nov 2023
To : 15 Nov 2024

Contact Information:
Address : 7532 Twelve Oaks Blvd, Tampa, FL 33634,USA
Phone : +1 (877) 633-6171
Website : http://www.uoa.education/