Ecole de Commerce SCPU

Dec 04, 2023
St. Clements Private Swiss University (SCPU) was registered in the Swiss Canton of Vaud as a University Business. Each program is taught in conjunction with an industry based professional body that specialises in the relevant program major. St Clements University, registered under T&C E14905, embarked on its mission to provide exceptional higher education programs in 2008. To expand its global reach and offer education from the esteemed Swiss educational landscape, the university established an overseas branch in Vaud, Switzerland. Operating as a private university business, it assumed the name Université Suisse Privée St Cléments (N° féd. CH-550.1.053.661-3, IDE\UID CHE-114.105.060). Université Suisse Privée St Cléments was established with a vision to collaborate closely with various Professional Qualification Awarding bodies. This collaboration enabled the university to design degree programs that align with the membership requirements of relevant professional bodies. By offering these specialized programs, St Clements University aimed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in their chosen professional domains. As the university evolved, it underwent a significant transformation in 2015. To accurately reflect its focus on programs in the general business management field, Université Suisse Privée St Cléments changed its name to Ecole de Commerce SCPU, also known as SCPU Business School. This rebranding aligned with the school's commitment to delivering comprehensive education in business management to a diverse student body. Recognizing the importance of specialization and catering to students' diverse interests, St Clements University further expanded its academic offerings in 2016. To ensure focused attention and optimal management of non-business programs, two distinct schools were established:

1. Ecole de Ingenieurs SCPU (SCPU School of Engineering): This school was formed to deliver specialized programs in the field of engineering. It aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in engineering disciplines and contribute to technological advancements.
2. Ecole de Theologie SCPU (SCPU School of Theology): Focusing on theological studies, this school offers programs tailored to individuals passionate about religious studies and theology. It provides a comprehensive educational experience to nurture theological understanding and promote spiritual growth.

QAHE institutional accreditation valid period:
From : 4 Dec 2023
To : 3 Dec 2024

Contact Information:
Address : Avenue Louis-Ruchonnet 4, Lausanne 1003, Vaud, Switzerland
Phone : +41 21 311 32 04