Daaru Salaam University (DSU)

Apr 10, 2024 Overview:
Daaru Salaam University (DSU) is a renowned institution of higher education located in Mogadishu, Somalia. Since its establishment in January 2013, DSU has been dedicated to providing quality education and engaging in cutting-edge research on a global scale. The university combines modern facilities, dynamic teaching methods, and a strong collaborative approach to offer a world-class educational experience.

DSU's mission is to prepare Somali youth for entrepreneurship and to instill quality in both private and public institutions through the professional output of its students. The university aims to empower future leaders and scholars by fostering innovation, knowledge dissemination, and academic excellence.

Academic Programs:
DSU offers a wide range of academic programs across various faculties, providing students with diverse opportunities for personal and professional growth. The faculties at DSU include:
1. Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary
2. Faculty of Computer Science
3. Faculty of Dentistry
4. Faculty of Economics & Management
5. Faculty of Education
6. Faculty of Engineering
7. Faculty of Health Science
8. Faculty of Shari’a and Law
9. Faculty of Social Science

Each faculty is committed to delivering comprehensive and high-quality education in its respective field, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for the challenges of the job market.

Teaching and Research:
DSU emphasizes a rigorous academic environment that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills. The university's faculty members, who possess diverse educational backgrounds and extensive experience, contribute to the teaching and research activities. DSU encourages a collaborative approach, fostering partnerships with local and international organizations to enhance the learning experience and promote innovation.

DSU boasts modern facilities, creating a conducive learning environment for students. The university continually invests in state-of-the-art infrastructure, including classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and research centers, to support academic excellence and facilitate research and innovation.

DSU has been accredited by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE). This accreditation reflects the university's commitment to maintaining high educational standards and ensuring the quality of its programs.

Community Engagement:
DSU actively engages with the community and strives to address the educational needs of Somali secondary school graduates. The university collaborates with private and public sectors to provide practical, work-based learning opportunities for students, enabling them to gain real-world industrial experience and develop essential skills.

Daaru Salaam University (DSU) is a prestigious institution of higher education in Mogadishu, Somalia. With its focus on quality education, research excellence, and community engagement, DSU is committed to preparing Somali youth for successful careers and contributing to the development of the nation. Through its innovative approach, world-class facilities, and dedicated faculty, DSU continues to make significant contributions to the academic landscape of Somalia.

QAHE accreditation valid Period:
From : 10 April 2024
To : 9 April 2025

Contact Information:
Address: KPP near Taleh Street, Hodan Distract,Somalia
Website: https://dsu.edu.so/