GAFM Certifications

  GAFM Certifications Jointly Arranged with QAHE The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is proud to announce its prestigious partnerships and accreditations with the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM) and the International Board of Standards (IBS). These collaborations further solidify QAHE's commitment to excellence in education and its global standing in the field.

GAFM, renowned for its global governance structure and international accredited standards, has recognized QAHE's dedication to maintaining exceptional educational standards. As a result, QAHE has been appointed as the assessor for GAFM's designations and board certifications in various domains. These certifications encompass a wide range of areas, including financial analysis, financial planning, wealth management, human resources, management accounting, risk management, project management, trust and estates, taxation, leadership, and economics. We value prior learning experiences, which can be counted towards achieving these prestigious GAFM-QAHE co-branded certifications. Your personal profile will be listed on the QAHE website for verification.

IBS, a charter member signatory to the CHEA Council of Higher Education Standards and Quality Standards, has also entered into a global standards agreement with the USA Accreditation agency ACBSP Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. These significant partnerships and alliances further enhance QAHE's global reputation and create opportunities for its graduates to pursue international careers.

With these recognitions, QAHE firmly establishes itself as a trusted institution for individuals seeking professional certifications and higher education in finance, accounting, risk management, economics, and management consulting.

Certifications Available for Educational Practitioners: • CLDA Certified Learning and Development Analyst™
• CTOT Certified Trainer of Trainer
• CLP Certified Leadership Professional™
• CME Certified in Monitoring and Evaluation™
• ChEC Chartered Executive Coach™
• CLDA Certified Learning and Development Analyst™

Certifications Available for Directors and Leaders: • CDBG Certified Directors Duties & Board Governance™
• CLC Certified Leadership Consultant™
• CILP Certified International Leadership Professional™
• CBDG Certified Board and Directors in Corporate Governance

Certifications Available for Finance Practitioners: • AFA Accredited Financial Analyst®
• MFP Master Financial Planner®
• CRA Certified Risk Analyst®
• ChTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner®
• ChWM Chartered Wealth Manager® USA
• CWM Chartered Wealth Manager®
• ChFM Chartered Financial Manager®
• ChPM Chartered Portfolio Manager®
• ChAM Chartered Asset Manager®
• CHFP Certified FinTech Professional™
• ChRCP Chartered Risk and Compliance Professional™

The fee for each certification is US$800. Upon successful completion, the certification will be mailed to your designated address.

We invite you to take advantage of these esteemed certifications and elevate your professional standing in the industry. Join the ranks of successful professionals who have benefited from QAHE's collaboration with GAFM.

QAHE encourages all professionals who believe they possess the requisite qualifications and experience in any of the aforementioned areas to submit their completed Application form along with curriculum vitae (CV) to We welcome applications from individuals seeking recognition and certification in their respective fields of expertise.