Executive Master of Business Administration

The CIDE Executive MBA offers unrivalled exposure through a wide geographical footprint across Asia-Pacific.

The programme is designed to equip participants with first-hand perspectives into the varied cultural, business and political landscapes across Asia-Pacific. Attend lectures and presentations, take part in lively discussions and debates, visit local and international businesses, and meet with business and thought leaders, as you deepen your appreciation of the nuances and complexities of doing business in each country.

Advance your EMBA aspirations while managing your career with minimal disruption. The CIDE’s EMBA is structured into eight segments of one week sessions held over 16 months. This convenient format enables you to focus on learning and networking during the one-week sessions, then return to work to put what you have learned into practice for real-time impact.

Module offered:
1. Managing organisations
2. Economic Analysis for Managers
3. International business and internationalism
4. Asia & Global Economy
5. Financial Management & Markets
6. Value Chains, Logistics & Operations
7. Business Analytics & Decision Making Elective
8. Governance & Sustainable Business
9. Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

QAHE Programmatic accreditation valid period:
From : 29 April 2023
To : 28 April 2024

For more information please visit https://cide.international/executive-master-in-business-administration/.