Egyptian Cultural Center Attains Full Accreditation from QAHE

Oct 27, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the Egyptian Cultural Center (ECC), a prominent business education organization based in the MENA region, has achieved full accreditation from the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE). This accreditation signifies ECC's commitment to delivering excellence in education and its dedication to removing barriers to higher education in order to foster business development in nations.

ECC has been at the forefront of empowering individuals since 2014, positively impacting the lives of over 12,000 people worldwide. Through a diverse range of short programs and accredited diploma offerings in business education, ECC has provided learners with opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge. ECC's programs are accredited by renowned English and international awarding bodies such as Awards of Training and Higher Education (ATHE), Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH), and EduQual.

In addition to its diploma programs, ECC has also nurtured the growth of 2,000 alumni who have completed MBA and DBA international programs accredited by esteemed institutions including the International Business School of Scandinavia (IBSS), Swiss School of Business and Hospitality (SSBH), and International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBAS).

We are proud to share that ECC has now joined prestigious organizations such as The International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO), World Fund for Development and Planning (WFDP), International Education Board (IEB), and European Agency for Higher Education Accreditation (EAHEA). These memberships further strengthen ECC's global network and demonstrate its commitment to international standards in education.

ECC's success and achievements would not have been possible without the dedication of its strong team, carefully selected academic board, and strategic partnerships with academic institutions. By prioritizing accessibility and inclusivity, ECC has created an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can access higher education and actively contribute to business development in their respective nations.

As ECC continues its journey towards the future, it remains committed to embracing innovation, leveraging technology, nurturing relationships, and expanding memberships to ensure that it remains the destination where your "Future Begins Here."

Please join us in congratulating the Egyptian Cultural Center on this remarkable milestone. We are confident that ECC's accreditation from QAHE will further enhance its reputation as a leading educational institution in the MENA region.