Dual Accreditation with AAKR for QAHE-Accredited Institutions

AAKR QAHE Dual Accreditation

QAHE is pleased to offer a Dual Accreditation Arrangement with the Quality and Rating Accreditation Agency (AAKR) in the Kyrgyz Republic. This collaboration provides an opportunity for QAHE-accredited educational institutions to obtain additional accreditation from AAKR, further enhancing the recognition and credibility of their academic programs.

AAKR Recognition Letter-RuEng

In December 2022, the Quality and Rating Accreditation Agency, the Kyrgyz Republic (AAKR) passed the recognition procedure and was officially registered in the National Register of Accreditation Agencies of the Kyrgyz Republic in order to help improve the quality of the education system of the Kyrgyz Republic through independent accreditation of educational organizations and programs, as well as determining their rating taking into account trends in the global educational space.


AAKR has signed an MOU with the Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Career Development (AKKORK) and the parties agree to collaborate on various education quality assurance initiatives, including conducting institutional and program accreditation of educational institutions, assisting in improving educational program quality, organizing conferences and training events, conducting research, carrying out rating studies of educational programs and institutions, participating in international quality assurance networks, and developing and publishing educational materials. The cooperation will be based on the principles of equality, goodwill, respect, and trust, and the parties will operate in accordance with the legislation of their respective countries.


About the Dual Accreditation Arrangement
The Dual Accreditation Arrangement between QAHE and AAKR was formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in January 2020. This partnership aims to:
• Enable QAHE-accredited institutions to seamlessly obtain AAKR accreditation
• Streamline the accreditation process for educational institutions in Kyrgyzstan
• Promote the quality and sustainable development of QAHE-accredited institutions through joint initiatives

Benefits for QAHE-Accredited Institutions
By participating in the Dual Accreditation Arrangement, QAHE-accredited educational institutions can:
• Obtain dual accreditation from both QAHE and AAKR
• Enhance the reputation and recognition of their academic programs in Kyrgyzstan and globally
• Leverage the complementary expertise and best practices of the two quality assurance agencies
• Participate in joint research, training, and capacity-building initiatives organized by QAHE and AAKR
• Collaborate with a wider network of quality-focused educational institutions in the region

How to Apply
QAHE-accredited institutions interested in obtaining AAKR accreditation can apply for the Dual Accreditation Arrangement by following these steps:
1. Contact the QAHE Accreditation Committee at accreditation@qahe.org to express your interest.
2. Our staff will guide you through the application process and provide the necessary information and support.
3. Once the application is submitted, QAHE and AAKR will coordinate the dual accreditation review and decision.

Fees for the Dual Accreditation Arrangement
The fees for the Dual Accreditation Arrangement will depend on the size, structure, and complexity of the educational institution. Please contact the QAHE Accreditation Committee at accreditation@qahe.org to discuss the specific fees and payment options for your institution.

Important Note
The AAKR accreditation obtained through this Dual Accreditation Arrangement will be valid for three years, as long as the QAHE accreditation remains in good standing. If the QAHE accreditation is expired, revoked or suspended for any reason, the AAKR accreditation will be immediately terminated.