Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro Appointed as Honorary Country Representative in Indonesia by QAHE

Apr 10, 2024

QAHE (The International Association of Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education) is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro as the Honorary Country Representative in Indonesia. This strategic move aims to expand QAHE's reach in Indonesia and foster stronger collaborations in the field of quality assurance in education.

Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in various domains. He is a Strategic Business Consultant, Master Trainer, Executive Coach, and a Fully Accredited Master Mentor. With 14 years of professional experience, he has made a significant impact in the field of human resources, organizational culture, and leadership.

His academic achievements are equally impressive, with degrees in Psychology, Human Capital Management, Strategic Management & Organizational Behavior, Quality Management, and a Doctorate in Psychology with a specialization in Leadership and Industrial Organizational Psychology. Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro holds over 200 National and International Professional Certifications in various disciplines, including Business, Management, Economics, Communication, Education, Neuroscience, and Psychology.

Currently serving as a Psychology Lecturer at UTY, Indonesia, and a Management Lecturer at the Global HCM Institute, Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro is widely recognized for his contributions to academia. He also holds the distinguished position of a Professor in Leadership and Management Studies at PHU, USA.

As the newly appointed Honorary Country Representative in Indonesia, Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro will play a pivotal role in promoting QAHE's mission and objectives in the country. His extensive network, deep understanding of the local education landscape, and expertise in quality assurance will be instrumental in forging partnerships, fostering collaborations, and advancing the standards of pre-tertiary and higher education in Indonesia.

QAHE is confident that Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro's appointment will strengthen the association's presence in Indonesia and create new opportunities for knowledge exchange, professional development, and quality enhancement in the education sector.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Puguh Dwi Kuncoro to the QAHE team. Together, we look forward to driving excellence in education and raising the bar of quality assurance in Indonesia.