Dr. Mpumelelo Alfred Mzizi

Dr. Mpumelelo Alfred Mzizi, is a highly qualified individual with a diverse background in sports management, coaching, and leadership. Dr. Mzizi is a South African citizen with an extensive academic profile, including a BEd. degree in Sports Management from Trinity College and the University of Delaware, a Masters in Business and Sport Communication, a PhD in Ministry and Theology Management, a D.Min. in Christian Leadership, and a PhD in Strategic Leadership Management.

In terms of training, Dr. Mzizi has received certifications in various areas such as Sports Psychology, Sport Administration, Sports Leadership, Elite Coaching, Rugby Coaching, Refereeing, and Mental Conditioning Coaching. He has also completed courses in areas like Technogym Wellness System and has attended the Nike All Stars Rugby Camp.

Dr. Mzizi's work experience includes roles as a Development Officer for the EPRFU, Principal Head Coach of the Academy at the University of Port Elizabeth, Assistant Coach of the SA / 23 Rugby Team, and Client Relations Manager / Chief Mentor at HPC. He has also worked as a Business Development Manager for Technogym Wellness Company and as a TV Broadcaster for Super Sport International.

Dr. Mzizi has held special advisory roles, including advising the Chief Executive of HPC on business development strategies, government relations, conflict resolution, and public relations. He has also served as a special advisor to the Chairperson of the National Portfolio Committee for Sports and Recreation, where he focused on strategic national sport development, sport transformation, implementation monitoring, and research in sports academies.

In addition to his professional experience, Dr. Mzizi has a range of strengths and skills, including strong communication, marketing, and relationship-building abilities, as well as expertise in negotiating, conflict management, and diversity management. He is experienced in situation analysis, sports counseling, mental preparation, goal-setting, people motivation, and team management.

Throughout his career, Dr. Mzizi has received several accolades and honors, including the Presidential Sports Award and the Junior Ambassador of Sports recognition. He has also been involved in various leadership roles, such as serving as Chairperson of Mtoto Acheze Company.

Overall, Dr. Mpumelelo Alfred Mzizi possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in sports management, coaching, and leadership, making him a strong candidate for the position of QAHE QA Auditor.