Dr. Dinesh Shukla

Dr. Dinesh Shukla is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in the fields of higher education, healthcare administration, and quality assurance. He has held leadership positions in prestigious institutions and made significant contributions to the advancement of education and healthcare systems.

Education and Academic Roles:
1. Founding President of AIUWA (Association of International Universities and World Academics) in Gambia since 2010.
2. Executive Chancellor at AIUWA, overseeing the institution's strategic direction and academic programs.

National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA) Involvement:
1. Nominated and served as the first member of the Board of Directors for NAQAA, which was established by an act of parliament in 2015.
2. Played a pivotal role in shaping NAQAA's policies and ensuring the quality assurance of educational institutions.

Healthcare Administration Roles:
1. Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director for Little York Hospital in Houston, Texas.
2. Chairman of the Board of Directors for Central Medical International Hospital located in Conakry, Guinea, for a period of six years.
3. Demonstrated expertise in healthcare administration and leadership, contributing to the effective management of hospitals and the delivery of quality healthcare services.
Professional Contributions:
1. Dr. Shukla has been actively involved in promoting quality education, fostering international partnerships, and enhancing the reputation of AIUWA.
2. His involvement with NAQAA reflects his commitment to ensuring the quality and accreditation of educational institutions.
3. In the healthcare sector, he has played a vital role in overseeing the operations of hospitals and implementing effective strategies for providing high-quality healthcare services.

Leadership and Management Skills:
1. Dr. Shukla's leadership skills are evident in his roles as the founding President of AIUWA and Executive Chancellor, where he has guided the institution's growth and development.
2. He has demonstrated the ability to lead teams, make strategic decisions, and establish collaborative partnerships.

Overall, Dr. Dinesh Shukla's extensive experience in higher education, healthcare administration, and quality assurance, combined with his leadership skills, make him a valuable professional with a proven track record of excellence in his field.