Dr. Davide Morelli

QAHE Honorary Head Auditor
Dr. Davide Morelli is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in the fields of Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSE). He has consistently demonstrated expertise in managing and implementing HSE systems, ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations. With a strong background in academia and industry, Davide possesses a unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical know-how.

As the QAHE Honorary Head Auditor, Dr. Davide Morelli brings his exceptional skills and qualifications to ensure the highest level of quality assurance in the educational sector. His primary responsibilities include conducting comprehensive audits, assessing compliance with quality standards, and identifying areas for improvement. He is dedicated to promoting excellence in education and ensuring that institutions meet the established quality benchmarks.

Davide's professional journey includes notable positions such as Associate Professor and Head of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology at Selinus University of Sciences and Literature. In this role, he demonstrated outstanding leadership, overseeing the academic activities of the faculty and fostering a culture of innovation and academic excellence.

Prior to his academic career, Davide held significant roles in the industry, including his tenure as the Responsible for the Prevention and Protection Service (workplaces) at ISA S.p.A., a manufacturing company in the wood furniture sector. During his time there, he successfully implemented HSE management systems, conducted internal audits, and managed waste management and authorization processes.

His expertise also extends to quality management systems, with experience as an internal auditor for ISO standards such as UNI EN 14001:2015 and UNI EN 9001:2008. Davide's comprehensive understanding of environmental regulations and certification processes has made him a valuable asset in ensuring sustainable practices within organizations.

Throughout his career, Dr. Davide Morelli has consistently demonstrated a commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment while adhering to the highest quality standards. His proficiency in risk assessment, training, and consultancy has enabled him to provide comprehensive support to companies, construction firms, and public bodies.

Davide holds a Ph.D. and a D.B.A., and he is ASHM certified, recognized by ANSI-CESB. His qualifications and certifications signify his dedication to professional development and staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field of HSE.

As the QAHE Honorary Head Auditor, Dr. Davide Morelli's expertise, passion, and commitment contribute significantly to promoting and ensuring quality assurance in the educational sector. His extensive background in HSE, combined with his academic and industry experience, make him an invaluable resource in driving continuous improvement and quality enhancement within educational institutions.