Dr. Alexandre Rispal has received our Distinguished Professorship Business Adminstration Award.

Feb 01, 2023

Dr. Alexandre Rispal is a French academic and entrepreneur in Insurance and Technology. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Sciences Po Lille (France); a Master of Science in Marketing from Inseec Business School (France); a Master of Business Administration from The Power Business School (Spain) ; a Doctor of Business Administration from EDU Effective Business School (USA); a Certificate in Business and Leadership from Insead (France); a Certificate from Harvard Business School Online in Disruptive Strategy (France). He has written more than 20 articles for Forbes France and been author or co-author of 10 books about marketing, social and metaverse for Argus de l’Assurance and Kawa editions. He has also given lectures at Insurtech France and several major business schools in France and the UK.  He has also been invited to speak about Insurtech in more than 50 conferences in the USA, Israel, Italy, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal and France. He was awarded the trophy of best young manager of the year in Insurance in France in 2017. After 10 years as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Innovation Officer positions in major financial institutions he became CEO and co-founder of Moonshot Insurance, top 100 Fintech in the world according to KPMG in 2019. He was also Chief Revenue Officer of Wakam, top 100 Insurtech in Europe according to Insurtech100 ranking in 2020 and General Manager of Assurly, top 100 Insurtech in Europe according to Insurtech100 in 2021. He is also co-founder of Sorius, currently top 100 fitness start-up in the world according to Dealroom in 2022. He is also co-founder and Board member of two key trade federations : Insurtech France and CyclingTech France. He also works as an operating partner and consultant."