Diploma in Digital Marketing at GBI International College

The Diploma in Digital Marketing program offered by GBI International College in Myanmar is a comprehensive and industry-aligned program designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in the dynamic field of digital marketing. The program aims to provide a thorough understanding of digital marketing concepts, strategies, and tools, while also focusing on practical skill development.

The program consists of four modules:
1. Introduction to Digital Marketing and Strategy: This module serves as the foundation of the program and covers the fundamentals of digital marketing and strategic planning.
2. Customer Relationship Management: This module focuses on managing and enhancing customer relationships in the digital sphere.
3. Google Analytics with Website Track: This module equips students with the skills to leverage Google Analytics and track website performance for effective digital marketing campaigns.
4. Social Media Marketing and SEO: This module covers social media marketing and search engine optimization techniques, ensuring students are proficient in using these powerful tools.

The program is designed to meet industry standards and incorporates emerging trends in the digital marketing field. It follows a logical progression, starting with foundational concepts and advancing to specialized skills. The curriculum undergoes regular reviews to ensure its alignment with program goals and industry demands.

Admission to the program requires a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification, along with basic skills in English language proficiency and computer literacy.

Upon completion of the program, students will acquire in-depth knowledge of digital marketing theories and concepts, strategic thinking for planning and executing successful marketing campaigns, proficiency in utilizing various digital marketing platforms and tools, and advanced practical skills in SEO, SEM, social media, and blogs. The program's learning outcomes are designed to meet industry needs and ensure graduates are well-equipped for the evolving field of digital marketing.

Teaching and learning strategies employed in the program include lectures, interactive discussions, hands-on workshops, and recorded lessons for continuous learning.

Overall, the Diploma in Digital Marketing program at GBI International College offers a holistic and cutting-edge education, preparing students to thrive in the digital marketing industry both locally and globally.